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Thread: Did you steal my toy?

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    Did you steal my toy?

    So I've still got a vintage buzzsaw from the aptly named "Buzz-Saw Hordak." What I don't have is Hordak! Apparently, some little girl stole it from me in broad daylight.

    CONFESS! If that was you, fess up and lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. Even though I'm posting a thread about it in 2017, I'm totally over it. I can't be mad at an Orger...can I?

    Yeah, so do any of you have a similar story?

    I'll go first. One time, I left my toybiz Flash (running arm movement) and Punisher (cap-firing weapons) figures outside. When I came back, they were gone.


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    So, have you found the Buzz-Saw Hordak figure now, TxCAGE?
    You could never shoot the buzz-saw from Hordak's chest without him.
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