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Thread: He-ra in MOTUC

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    I've mentioned her a couple of times to Brian via Instagram, and while he seemed keen on her, he maintained that there was nothing planned. Of course, you can always assume that there is only so much he can or will share anyhow at certain points.

    I'm really hoping we get her eventually!
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    So if we have KG and Veena having a daughter, and we're accepting that He-Ro had a son by getting together with Sharella . . . is it possible that He-Ro and Sharella's son is Gray?

    In the MOTUC bios, He-Ro's real name is Ro - a deviation from the 1987 concept that said that He-Ro's real name was Gray (and that he initiated his transformation to He-Ro by placing one hand over his heart & flexing the other into a muscle & saying, "magic & strength tempered by heart... I stand for peace!")

    It's not a stretch to imagine that the son of He-Ro could access similar powers to his father and continue his father's legacy as a very exact homage.

    If Ro and Sharella have Gray, that leaves the last big question mark: Who is the daughter of D'Vann Grayskull and Veena (mother of He-Ra)?
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    Gray is the name they gave Ro when he had lost his memories. Of course that doesn't mean he can't name his son Gray, but THE Gray is still He-Ro.

    And I actually hope this son's mother is not Sharella because that would make Preternia pretty small. There should be a few more women around. I wouldn't be surprised if she is, though.

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