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Thread: Pixel Dan walk-through, livestream, photo gallery: Super7 MOTUC reveals at SDCC 2017

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    Thank the Goddess, Mattel, Super7 and everyone else who made this possible and overcame the legal challenges. (I wonder if this means movie interpretations of He-man, Skeletor, Beast Man and others are now theoretically available to the line?)

    These are awesome reveals. Its exciting to see Super7 take a chance on such unique tool figures like Wrap Trap, Granita, Karg and especially Dylamug.

    The Filmation look has never been a favorite interpretation of Tung Lashor for me, however it certainly is a deserved variant given its distinct look verses the vintage toy. Sorceress and Mer-man look amazing. Man-E-Faces in Filmation style is a surprise but with 3 much demanded CG figures, a lesser requested figure makes sense. The Classics Man-E is almost flawless so I will be very interested to see the new look.

    Congratulations to Super7 for listening to the preferences of fans. The Classics are going to make 10 years in style!
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    I freaked out at the Sorceress reveal. Totally buying. I'll make room on my shelf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swanmarsh View Post

    Thank the Goddess, Mattel, Super7 and everyone else who made this possible and overcame the legal challenges. (I wonder if this means movie interpretations of He-man, Skeletor, Beast Man and others are now theoretically available to the line?)
    He looks more like the MOTU Magazine Karg.

    So I don't think movie rights and movie-accurate figures are yet so available for all you mentioned...
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    Oh my GOD. I just squealed with delight at the reveals. KARG!! After all these years, I can cross my number one want off my list. CC choices are amazing.
    The only way this would've been more perfect for me was if we had another Filmation Horde member instead of boring Man-E.
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    All of the reveals look amazing, but especially excited about Filmation Mer-Man and Sorceress!!!
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    ​Wait a minute, am I seeing this right? Karg!!?? I can't believe it, finally!
    He looks sensational, obviously this is the comic colours version but that doesn't matter, he looks just as I'd hoped he would.

    Also Wrap-Trap is an unexpected figure! I expected him to show up in the vintage inspired line.​ Dylamug looks awesome too and it's nice to know Granita will be part of this wave.

    The Filmation line is also looking great. Tung Lashor is a nice addition. The new Sorceress looks nice, let's hope the wings work better, I would prefer two clip on wings. Mer-Man is my absolute fave, he looks awesome! I'm glad he isn't green but a blue/turquoise colour. Man-E-Faces is unexpected, but I guess he will turn out nicely.
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    Truth be told, if they ever do a movie He-Man and Skeletor, or anyone else, I'd rather they just ignore getting the actor likenesses- and the expense/hassle of doing so- and make them look like existing toys of those characters for consistency. Even if they can get actor rights, I'd still hope the include extra heads that match existing faces.

    Try as they did, Skeletor didn't look like a man with a bare skull for a head, he looked like a guy with a face that had skeletal features in his skin. I know it's the best they could do with late 80s makeup and film techniques, but it didn't look like a bare skull.

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    Those are both great line ups. I can't believe that they are all coming so soon.
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    Sharella needs her day in Classics. She is the only remaining vintage POG character that needs a figure.
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    These look great!!! I really love how that Sorceress looks, I hope she turns out more like that than like the Filmation Evil-Lyn. Open hands!!! I'm eager to see how those wings work though. I wish we could get this figure in the white and pink alternate colors too.

    Dylamug looks kind of like a middle ground between Classics Choice and the CG style. Like Madame Razz he looks like he could belong to either one (which is fine, probably the better choice even). I hope they do that with the Twiggets, Montork, and Dre-Elle as well some day.

    I'm really eager to see more of Wrap Trap. Does his face look a little Demo-Man-ish (I mean that in a good way)?

    I wasn't ready for that Karg! Super cool! I love this color scheme too, as I always thought the UK magazine version stood out better than the muddy colors he wore in the movie. To me this is best of both worlds!

    Granita will be very cool to see. I'm curious if she'll have the rock-shells since those would be a costly addition. I do hope they can manage to bump up the girl to boy ratio in a future wave because 1:3 (or 2:6 for a year) isn't going to get me Lady Slither, Illumina, Shezar, Kittrina, Queen Andreeno, Hunga, Saryn, Queen Zal, Robo-Woman, Rana, Joya, or Queen Elmora very quickly at all!

    EDIT: Tongue Lashor looks pretty good too, I am happy he's coming this soon! Mer-Man looks nice and I like that he has that spear (although that makes me want his Fish Men warriors to back him up)! I expected Stratos before Man-E-Faces honestly, he was more pominent in the ealry episodes I saw, but another heroic guy is welcome with so many baddies now.
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    Loving these reveals, but 2 waves a year for Collector's Choice just isn't enough. I hope that whatever slots they might have had planned for Thundercats can end up being salvaged and used for MOTUC instead to give us more figures. At the very least I hope they try to beef up their offerings for the 10th anniversary in 2018.
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    Really all fantastic figures! That Karg certainly is surprising!! Can't wait to see Granita and Filmation Man-E-Faces!
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    Some very cool reveals. I'm surprised by most of them. Noticed those were comic colors on Karg instantly.

    Still hope they get around to producing a vintage mini-comic Tri-Klops. I've wanted him since 2008.

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    Karg has always been one of those characters I've no interest in and I've no interest in any of the film characters, but he looks quite good here so it looks like I'll be in for one of each wave again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jukka View Post
    He looks more like the MOTU Magazine Karg.

    So I don't think movie rights and movie-accurate figures are yet so available for all you mentioned...
    Looks like you're right. The green face and lack of fur at the shoulders make it look more like the magazine version, but a lot of the details are still dead on to the movie costume, so it's darn close. Still taking everything else in...
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    Any info on the Sorceress wings? Removable? Articulated?
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    The new reveals look amazing! So surprised and thrilled to see 3 of my most wanted Horde characters coming out! Going to have to update my signature!
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    Figures look great.

    I'm pretty stoked.

    Let's just hope the figures turn out as good as the prototypes.

    Gotta admit, I'm happy that we didn't get any Galactic Protectors shoe-horned in wave 2.
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    Way beyond my hopes. Sold! Sold! Sold!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    Any info on the Sorceress wings? Removable? Articulated?
    I messaged Val to see if he can get any info on that for us from either Brian Flynn or the Horsemen.
    So Glad Super7 has the Thundercats Lic. Looking forward to all they have to offer.

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    Can't wait to see Granita!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielsan52 View Post
    Can't wait to see Granita!!
    And Man-E-Faces!

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    Sorceress is absolutely amazing.

    Thank you Super7 for restoring my faith in the line.

    Is it only going to be three figures per wave this time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    Any info on the Sorceress wings? Removable? Articulated?
    I almost don't care.

    She looks awesome.
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    I'm extremely satisfied with these lineups.

    I'll take Karg any way we can get him, so this is great. The magazine colors make him more monstrous, though I hope we do see the movie version one day.

    Can't wait to see Granita.

    The Filmation Sorceress looks gorgeous! This may replace my MOTUC version.

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    Well, Wave 2 just went and blew my socks clean off.

    Dylamug looks amazing.

    Karg! I don't have any of the movie characters yet, but this may change that.

    Wrap Trap looks cool. Like an aborted figure they never got to make for the original line before it folded.

    Granita? Well, I guess I need to track down Rokkon and Stonedar now.

    But, as great as all that is, I really love the Club Grayskull picks.

    Sorceress! Yes! I was hoping she'd be up next.

    Mer-Man looks incredible. Dreams do come true. Finally, a Filmation Mer-Man.

    Tung Lashor was not one of my picks, but he makes sense and looks great.

    Interested to see what Man-E-Faces looks like!

    Overall? Dylamug, Sorceress, and Mer-Man made my morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bribri4u View Post
    I agree. Hopefully a New Adventures for Collector's Choice.
    Yes, definitely. My hope would be Sagitar or Lizorr. I'd also like Whiplash or Ram Man for Filmation.

    Oops, nevermind, I see t
    Now that we're getting Granita and Man-E-Faces. Still very cool options!
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