If Super 7 was to release series 2 of the Ultimate line but were only going to release 3 more, what would you choose?

The rules are:

* Characters must have 2 available heads in previous releases (the 200X head pack releases may be included or recolors of previously available heads. For instance, Buzz Off Ultimate may include the head from the 200X head pack and Vintage Evil-Lyn Ultimate may include a re-colored Battleground Evil-Lyn head in yellow).

* They must be repainted in some way.

My Top 3 are:

1. Ultimate Whiplash - from the mini-comic 'Clash of Arms'. Color scheme here: http://www.he-man.org/resources/archive.php?id=416 Includes accessories in appropriate colors from original Whiplash.
2. Ultimate Evil Lyn - Battle Ground Evil Lyn in vintage figure colors. Includes all accessories (including helmetless head in yellow) from BG Evil Lyn PLUS Teela shield in appropriate colors.
3. Ultimate Roboto - from the mini-comic 'Battle of Roboto'. Color scheme here: http://www.he-man.org/publishing/item.php?id=1420 Includes Trap Jaw and Hurricane Hordak weapons all recolored in appropriate colors, plus 200X head and original accessories.

Looking forward to seeing everyone elses choices!