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Thread: MOTU Ultimate Series 2: Your Top 3 Most Wanted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wakko View Post

    Ultimate Trap Jaw: Kronis head, Kronis arm, all three original attachments, Club Grayskull Trap Jaw attachments in black, Roboto attachments in black, Hurricane Hordak attachments in black, Spikor trident in black, Horde Prime crossbow in black
    Now this figure would make a great Ultimate along with Roboto/
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrumMaster View Post
    Regarding the intermediate count by abaddon, it would be nice to see :

    A 3 figures batch with Roboto, Fisto and Man-at-arms


    A 5 figures batch with the above 3 + Stinkor and Evil-Lyn

    I think figures that best fit for Ultimates are ones that have a lot of display options such as Fisto, or who had multiple versions so elements could be pulled in from the different releases, such as Evil-Lyn. Fisto basically was an Ultimate with everything he came with, so he'd be great. I would LOVE if they did a vintage style head for him as well. I'd like to be able to have the 200X version and Vintage version look very different with more of a nod to the original.

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    Top 3?

    1) Fisto
    2) Roboto
    3) Trap Jaw

    Easy-peasy. If I got more choices, I'd like Evil-Lyn and Man-At-Arms.

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    I like a lot of the ideas in this thread ... but I do wonder if we will even see Ultimates revisited at all. The secondary market price on a lot of figures is high because I think there are probably hundreds of fans that missed out on some of the releases from earlier in the line - but I do wonder if there are thousands of fans that are interested in buying the figures over again. The rules of this thread do call for at least some form of repaint, so that could draw in some of the more completist minded fans to essentially rebuy, and the use of the vintage style packaging will likely also attract some nostalgic for the original line, etc. But I think there is a numbers game at work here where they have to sell several thousands units to make an Ultimate re-do figure worth doing, and I'm not sure there are quite enough supporters for these to ensure any of the B-List and beyond get done again.

    Honestly - I think if they were going to go back and revisit Ultimates there is a good chance they might first revisit Filmation He-Man and Filmation Skeletor as those seem to be wanted by many and are more widely recognized to a broader audience than say Fisto or Stinkor.

    That being said, if they decided to do it I'd like to see:

    Fisto (w/ both previous heads plus one head repainted w/ grey hair)
    Buzz Off
    Stinkor (I would love if it included a new Odiphus head as a bonus)
    Evil Lyn - I know it has no canonical basis but I think it would be cool to get a long haired female head repainted as Evil Lyn with yellow skin and white hair

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    Fisto. I'd like him to have CLamp Champ's armour repainted to Fisto colours. Not only is it different and maybe a draw to those wanting to use the 200x head, but also removes that ugly HUGE sword sheath on his back. Preferably I'd like them to retool the original Fisto armour to remove that hideous thing and release it that way. Tha'd be amazing. However the repainted Clamp Champ armour is not only already made but makes the release special.

    previous to the Battle Ram Man-At-Arms I would have said him. I would like another mustachioed head.

    Roboto makes sense but personally without some sort of chestplate like in 200x (or 2 piece armour?) that is a new piece I dont really need a second one even though it would be nice to have one without cracks.

    EDIT: just realized the Clamp Champ had a sculpted big ole back pack thing on him. Sigh... I just want the armour but without a big old hole underneath the MASSIVE stupid sword holder. Oh well. Pipe dream.
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    Sorceress- include everything from her original release, plus grey Zoar armour and perch for the TOD Sorceress' bird. The interior of Sorceress' wings could be all orange like many fans asked for back when the original figure debuted.

    Goddess- done in solid green but with more repainted Teela weapons, especially Teela's shield done with the white accents like in the Alcala comics.

    Whiplash- with Ceratus' loincloth and bracers to make a more accurate looking 200X Whiplash. Could come with both Whiplash heads and a repainted Ceratus head too.

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    Evil Lyn (yellow)
    Trap Jaw
    Biggest MOTUC wants - Hunga the Harpy! Yukkers, Colonel Blast, Evil Robot, the Twiggets and Admiral Scurvy! We need the Thundercats Classics back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xequae View Post
    Ultimate Whiplash
    Ultimate Roboto
    Ultimate Fisto
    +1 for this lineup
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    I am playing with my own rule that if the tooling was no longer available, we should get updated tooling to better the figure:

    Ultimate Evil Lyn: 2 heads, no Screech, BGEL accessories, Teela shield in blue, but a new cape that tucks under the fur trim on her back shoulders/traps, and feeds out/folds out at the collar to secure it. Also, both wands have crystals. I prefer the ORIGINAL prototype wand (before it was modded for crystal swapping) and this photoshop deco seen here:


    Utimate Fisto: same as before. Different back armor to holster the vintage sword only. If there was some artwork with a different sword design and it was made (I can't recall), sneak it in. Make his hair color redder and brighten the purples and silvers to make the figure pop more.

    Ultimate Man-at-Arms: brighter deco, redder boots, 4 heads (original 2, snake, Battle Ram), arm cannon, both sides arm and shin guards, original accessories (mace, gun, short sword), and a softer durometer on the back armor plastic so the clips don't stress during storage.

    Edit* I do love the Stinkor idea with Beast Man feet, corrected forearms, and painted weapons. Definitely co-sign on that.

    Also a Goddess including the BG Teela head with red hair, the BG gun and sword, a maroon Staff of Ka (vintage deco to match Ultimate Teela's snake armor and shield) and white/gold trimmed Teela shield, plus a small horned mini-comic club for Goddess would be incredible.

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    My top three would be,

    Fisto - same as before but with Oo-lar forearms and red hair instead of brown.

    Roboto - clear blue chest and minicomic colors

    Man at a arms - grey body suit instead of green. (I'd also like to see a crystal M@A but it seems more suitable to me to show up somewhere as an exclusive/chase figure.)

    Fourth would be Beastman, red, flocked, and yellow instead of gold.

    And fifth would go to Evil Lynn

    Quote Originally Posted by Niki View Post
    Can we mix the Ultimates with the Club Grayskull figures?

    It would be fun seeing an Ultimate Evil Lyn with in her FILMATION outfit but with classes arms which have detailed bracers and gauntlets and boots. Two sets of hands, all her staffs and crystal balls, the dagger, the crystal, all her heads in matching skin tone(FILMATION helmet head, helmet less head, Classics head, 200X helmet less head) and the Teela shield in blue version that matches her staff.

    Now that would be an ultimate Evil Lyn for me.
    I like your ideas. That's pretty much the minicomic version.
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    1) Man-E-Faces - cardback colors
    2) Jitsu - with new vintage toy/cardback head
    3) Leech - with new "suction" head and bulky arms and legs like the vintage figure/cardback

    Bonus: Mer-Man with new vintage armor to match the vintage head and original toy figure

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    Top 3:

    Trap Jaw

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    Evil lynn

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    Evil Lyn - I love the idea of using her Filmation outfit with Classics arms and legs in vintage Figure colors with all heads and accessories to match some of her mini comic appearances.

    Man at Armes - All 4 heads and accessories.

    Mekanek - with a 200X robotic suit and some new tooling to include a snake neck and head. (I know, wishful thinking).

    Trap Jaw - All parts with Filmation accessories to match and a muted 200X paint scheme. Maybe some new attachments too?

    Fisto - Redder hair and a modifies armor.

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    Top 3:
    1. Stinkor
    2. Whiplash
    3. Mer-Man

    Honorable Mention:
    4. Buzz-Off
    5. Sy-Klone
    MOST WANTED: Filmation Whiplash, Filmation Ram Man, Filmation Two-Bad, Filmation Buzz-Off, Filmation Sy-Klone, Ice Armor He-Man

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    1. Yellow skin Evil-Lyn with cape and heads
    2. Man-At-Arms with full armor, gun and optional heads
    3. Tri-Klops extra head with bandaged eyes and ring

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    1.Shadow Weaver, With Detachable lower torso kind of like Mermista had, Coming with regular , but have a second torso with perhaps a rubber or pliable plastic with articulated legs. Some Extra unmasked heads/disguises she used in the show, her regular weapons, as well as a new cross bow, some hand projectiles that can fit in her hand

    2. Fisto


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    What I think we'll realistically end up with:

    * Mer-Man - Vintage figure colors kitbash.

    * Man-At-Arms - Vintage figure colors.

    * Evil-Lyn - Battleground version in vintage toy colors.
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    I'd love a re-release of Scareglow though I can't think of any way they could improve on the original release beyond it being made available again.

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    1) Fisto with red hair.
    2) Shadow Weaver with multiple colored spell books. Different shade of red. More Filmation red.
    3) Roboto - Mini-comic colors - All Trap, Hordak, and his weapons. 200X head.

    Bonus) Filmation He-man with red boots and loincloth. Throw in an Orko.
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    Rio Blast.

    But only of its a new figure using the Buzzsaw Hordak body.

    While I admit that hollow spots in his torso and legs make zero sense in terms of plot, the gimmick they tried to execute didn't work well. Flaps didn't close flat and as with much of the bulky armor in the line his arms didn't go down far enough. It was still an obvious hinge and flap anyway. The legs may still need pegged guns but the pegs need to be reworked, maybe using magnets. I guess the wrist guns worked okay. The backpack also needs fixing so the guns sit right.

    And while I like the unkempt look of his face, a vintage toy head would be nice for those who want the 80s toy looks.

    Overall the figure we got is borderline acceptable but could be far better.

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    Fisto Whiplash Roboto
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    1. FISTO!
    2. Roboto
    3. Man-at-Arms, Trap Jaw, Whiplash all tied for third.

    Top 2 are my real wants/needs.

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    (1) Trap Jaw
    (2) Beast Man
    (3) Man at Arms

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    I would like a complete MotUC collection in Ultimate version.

    I would buy an ultimate figure even just for the amazing card! I love them!

    Maybe Super7 could sell a kit to repackage all MotUC figures in this beautiful Ultimate package!
    (example kit: card, openable clamshell and tray plus new heads or weapons to insert in the new package)... ok ok I have to stop dreaming...

    Anyway I would like for the next MotUC Ultimate wave:

    1- Mer-Man in blu colors

    2- Beast-Man with Moss-Man head (repainted in orange colors as told by another guy)... or maybe a new head to make Beast Master!

    3- Man-at-Arms with a new head with silver helmet like in minicomic He-Man and the Power Sword (only the helmet please)

    and after:

    - Stratos with 2 Stratos head more with little differences (for example without beard or a different beard...) to make an Avion army

    - Trap-Jaw

    - Sorceress

    - Roboto

    - Tri-Klops with under helmet completed head

    - Evil-Lyn (Filmation color on first figure edition, head without helmet plus helmet)

    - Buzz-Off

    - Whiplash

    -Fisto with a Randor head without crown (to make Fisto Minicomic version)


    -Jitsu maybe with a new more vintage head?

    -Mekaneck with a new head without helmet?

    -Webstor (I've no ideas for alternative head)

    -Scare-Glow with a before transformation head?

    -Orko ... and Dree Elle?

    Ok, ok... I've gone further...
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