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Thread: What figure or figures most needs a rereleases in the ultimates line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackiecats View Post
    There is a huge difference though in revisiting a character and reissuing it! The Ultimates are reissues of all existing parts already released during the Matty era of which most of the fan already own. To make production viable it has to run in the thousands and a couple hundred new fans just isn't enough.

    Besides they are revisiting core characters in the Club Grayskull line with the cartoon looks and since those are different to the MOTUC look folks are more likely to buy those characters again who already own the MOTUC version. Straight up reissues not so much.

    I think there are more than just a couple hundered "new" fans. Plus, with the new packaging, long time collectors are buying figures they already own again. And having little to no new tooling is a huge cost saving.

    Personally I want Ultimates more than the CC or Filmation lines. Not really interested in the super obscure characters except for a few here and there. Just a lot of core characters that I missed out on as being a "new" collector.

    It's all speculation. I really would love to know their sales numbers.
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    Depending on if they get the cape right in the Filmation version, I wonder if a Ultimates Sorceress could combine the body and cape of the Filmation version with the boots and head (with a MUCH better paint job) from the Classics version, include her staff and Zoar and a perch. She could have one staff holding hand, and the other hand could be a spell-casting hand. And unlike the Filmation version, she could have the blue feathers on the interior of the cape as well as the exterior, like the Classics version had. This would give her enough differences, but with already sculpted parts, to make a worthy Ultimates Sorceress. And if they wanted to put in a little extra, they'd only have to sculpt a new head for Koduk Ungol, and this figure would be selling WAY more for it too. :

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    A roboto that doesn't crack!!

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    I just wanted to say that I'm a new collector....I had no idea this line even existed until early 2016. I can't be the only one who was living under a rock....

    As for the Ultimates, I'd like to see Trap Jaw and She-Ra released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobra Khan View Post
    A non-breakable chest Roboto and an orange skinned, white eyed Man-e-Faces faithful to the vintage toy.
    I hadn't thought about that! An orange skinned, toy based Man-E-Faces with the "man-e-weapons" would work, and I'm sure people would support that. We NEED a mulligan on Roboto, for sure!

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    I was certain that there was a thread about this elsewhere. Oh well...

    Man at Arms totally. Trap Jaw probably. The She Ra referenced above would be cool with the NA "Toy" torso on the Bubble Power She Ra body, and all her heads and swords, etc.

    I will posit however that what I want more than new Ultimate releases are MORE of the original wave released. Give us another run of the original Ultimates, that would be nice.

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    She-Ra (Filmation head, BP head, BP Tiara in gold without pink highlights & with silver holographic stickers instead of pink; NA bodice with gold/white paint deco, BP skirt, gold shield, silver shield, gold sword, silver sword, red cape, New vintage toy style cape, new vintage toy style gold sword)

    Roboto (mini comic colors; robots arm attachments, trap jaw arm attachments, hurricane hordak arm attachments --- all in silver with orange highlights)


    Shadow Weaver (lighter pink; with Imp, wand, castaspella energy blast in "shadow" color or green, hover stand, spell book, Orko spell books in purple, red, & black)

    Evil-Lyn (puffy sticker / modern Keldor mini comic repaint: blue outfit, human flesh tone skin), blue BG Evil-Lyn cape, blue staff, helmet-less head, screech in Filmation colors, bird stand

    Man-At-Arms (Snake MAA body, silver armor, orange armor, blaster, silver mace, regular head, mustache head, pony tail head, dagger, pistol, tech mace)
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    I would like to see Man at Arms and She-Ra.

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    Can somebody just come right out and ask S7 if there will ever be any more ULTIMATES figures?

    Granted, they are going to want to hold on to what buyers they already have, so they may just say something like 'only time will tell' or 'we'll look into it if there's enough demand'.
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    New Ultimates possibilities?

    Would anyone else like to see more Ultimates Motuc, or is it just me?

    Well, I would like to figures like:

    a Glow in the dark goddess
    a battle armour Anti-eternia he-man with vintage head and 200x sword aside other accessories
    a multiple heads blue mer-man plus other accessories
    a Battle armour Faker (including a rusty 200x sword and head)

    well I just set some examples

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    Not really interested myself. I just got He-man and Skeletor and that's really all I could afford.
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    I want as many as possible. These new Ultimates looks so much better MOC than the green bricks design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    She-Ra (Filmation head, BP head, BP Tiara in gold without pink highlights & with silver holographic stickers instead of pink; NA bodice with gold/white paint deco, BP skirt, gold shield, silver shield, gold sword, silver sword, red cape, New vintage toy style cape, new vintage toy style gold sword)...
    I would love to see this so much.

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    if figures like shadow weaver and fisto are selling for so much on the aftermarket it must be because there is a high demand for them (otherwise they would be cheaper). so if there is a demonstrated demand for reissuing the figure via ultimates it would only make good business sense to do those characters.
    Granted Brian did say no reissues just so people can save twenty dollars but these two are certainly reaching way more than that in terms of mark up and in the market price is driven by demand. They are also among the most recognised motu/ she ra characters.

    Skelcon army builder would be a likely candidate in terms of high demand as it's an army builder only previously available with an expensive vehicle ( as a non US collector the shipping and inevitable customs charges priced me out on this figure and I can't be the only one).

    Therefore I would think that these would be ideal potential ultimates as they are among the most likely to sell well even if there is little in the way of extras to add to them (repaints of existing eternian artifacts could be a possibility).
    Hoping for figures of: King Hsss slave girl, Major Header, Hans Hammerholder, Bubblor, Lady slither, Redeye, grr, Kayla, Gorgonne and the myp giants.

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    Fisto would make a great Ultimates figure for obvious reasons. He could come with interchangeable metal fists: the standard Classics version and a ridiculously huge 200X version. He should also come with everything else the original Classics figure came with (the extra head, the two swords, etc).

    Scareglow would make a good choice for another Ultimates figure. He could come with extra glow-in-the-dark weapons. I would also like to see one or two extra glow-in-the-dark heads for him. (A glow-in-the-dark head with an Alcala-style face might look cool.) I would like to have an Ultimates Scareglow simply to have one that I could keep unopened, and the Ultimates packaging looks much better displayed unopened than the standard Classics packaging.

    A green or glow-in-the-dark goddess would be another good choice, but that doesn't seem likely as the figure uses the same mold as Teela and Super7 just released that one.

    Wundar might make another good Ultimates figure, if he came with an extra, more comical head (with a goofy grin on his face). He could come with a couple of loaves of bread in different colors and a brown Alcala power sword. (Of course, that's even more unlikely than an Ultimates Goddess figure.)

    I would probably be on board for an Ultimates Roboto, since I don't have the original Classics release and I have a 200x-style Roboto head that wouldn't look right on any of the other figures I do have.

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    hello , so my most wanted ultimate figure would be:
    the Green Goddess .`
    but i would also enjoy very much
    a faker battle armor would be sweet (with the right belly )
    and probably a man at arms with the vintage colors.
    finally characters like mer-man , zodac , webstor etc ...
    with the right legs and arms would be great !

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    well mostly all the main characters released from the 2009-2012 era (what I like to call the golden age of motuc lmao)

    briefly, I think Man at arms, Fisto Buzz off, Beast many , ULTIMATES is also a good way to get key accessories, small creatures and stuff like that, ultimates its basically the new weapon pak lol
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