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Thread: Power-Con exclusives- Peg Holes

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    Power-Con exclusives- Peg Holes

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to say I had a fantastic time at Power-Con this year! Had some great conversations with Brian Flynn and the Four Horsemen (even if the TSA destroyed my Mythic Legions figures on the flight home ) and I loved the panels.

    That said, once I got home I went to put my new figures into my display cases and had a pleasant surprise- the figures now have ankle swivels! Then I tried to put them on figure stands and noticed that none of the exclusive figures have peg holes in their feet.

    Is this going to be the standard going forward? Were the peg holes removed to make room for the ankle swivels? While I like the swivels, I would definitely prefer the peg holes in the feet for display reasons...

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    Definitely write Super7 and let them know you want the peg holes. I didn't even know they were missing.
    I encourage all of you who want the peg holes to do this. The more people they have asking for them, the more they'll be sure to include them.

    There were a few things off with the figures in terms of the plastic durometer. For example, the head plastic is too hard so you can't remove the heads without heating them up with a hair dryer. That was a complete accident as the factory doesn't know the ins and outs yet of what fans do with the figures. You can still remove the heads, you just need to warm them up.

    In a way, I'm glad this happened with the Power-Con exclusives. I know the Four Horsemen and Super7 will do detailed comparison on the exclusives to Mattel releases, and also do their best to address all the notes on the first run masters we saw in the display case so the regular releases will be improved.

    This sort of thing is to be expected when switching from one factory to another. It's growing pains.
    They'll never be exactly the same as what Mattel produced, but they'll continue to dial them in to get them as close as possible.
    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2019!
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    The paint looks improved to me.
    It looks amazing on Lord G'rasp. All of the figures are painted extremely well.

    And thank you Val for that info.
    And for all you've done for the community.

    It was good to meet you at PowerCon.

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    The figures aren't that bad. After reading the PowerCon thread, I was just expecting them to crumble into a pile of dust after opening. But yeah I agree with Val, I'd rather Super7 learn from these figures and get it right going forward than any of the others. I've only opened the concept art case. The wider crotch piece doesn't bother me at all. Actually seems easier to pose with it. My biggest complaint is the purple plastic used on Terror. Definitely looks and feels very cheap. I cannot for the life of me get his neck extension in the body. Hopefully heating it up will fix it. Also going to try adding a black wash to give some depth to the purple.

    Also, Plasmar's left foot is way off center. Doesn't bother me that much, but it's definitely noticeable.

    Hopefully this is just a stumbling block for Super7 and the future figures won't have these problems.

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    Wow! I missed this error also. Add this to my long list of complaints regarding these figures.


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    Are you sure that's not just his ankle articulation?

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