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Thread: The Ancients

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    The Ancients

    The Ancients

    When I am talking about the Ancients I mean the old gods of Eternia. The ones who made the planet what it is now. Some are existing characters that I reinterpreted a bit, some are original.
    Let's start with the first generation:

    The first generation of Ancients was not born as gods. They came to Eternia from different places, fought the terrible Energy Beast and were given power by the Star Seed. At this point, the only halfway civilized creatures on Eternia were the dragons, so the Ancients decided to give the planet more inhabitants.

    The human looking deity of travel and portals came from a place unknown. He is credited with creating the eternian humans, but given his field of expertise, he might just have taken them from somewhere else.
    Nobody knows where he is now and if he even still exists, but the legends say that some of his power is still on Eternia in the form of a mysterious elixir …

    The blue-skinned Klingsor hailed from a place known as Infinita. He created the Gar in his image and is worshiped as the god of wind and steel until today. His title, The Sword of Evil, is often misunderstood by non-Gar as a sword bringing evil, when it is actually meant to be the opposite.
    Klingsor was the one who forged the Sword of the Ancients from a meteor. His current whereabouts are unknown, but some say he lives hidden on a planet named Zil and inspired the inhabitants to protect their home with artificial tornadoes.

    The scaly Ancient from the planet Antar was the goddess of the ocean and creator of the Neptunians. She is one of the Ancients who later migrated to Etheria and some believe that she created the merpeople of that planet. Some say she traveled even further and is also the creator of the Mermanites on the planet Sagar.

    Ice Lord
    Said to hail from the same place as Schneidor, the original Ice Lord is credited with the creation of the Kulataks, even though they don't have any legends about him themselves. He is not worshiped by anyone anymore, but it is said that the current Ice Lord is his descendant and that he has more descendants on both Eternia and Etheria. Rumours even say that the former Eternian queen Iandir was actually his daughter.

    Sun Queen
    The insectoid Sun Queen is still worshiped as their creator by the Andreenids and each Andreenid queen is seen as her voice in the realm of mortals. She is one of the Ancients that we know is alive and well, since she is currently ruling the overpopulated planet of the Bee People.

    The shapeshifting goddess of the night is said to be the creator of the Speleans. While they see her as a benevolent deity, the primitive humans of Eternia feared her and her darkness and named the darker one of Eternias moons after her. Phantos, however, liked this gesture and brought some humans to this moon to live there. It is said that she lives on earth now, known only as the Queen of Night.

    Snake Goddess
    The creator of the lizard people who roam what is today the Sands of Time, has no connection to the Snake Men, but took a liking to them as soon as they appeared on Eternia. After King Hiss and his army were banished to the void, she lead the remaining Snake Men to a save and warm cave, big enough to serve as a home. Their descendants, the Reptons, still worship the Snake Godess. She is also still around, waiting for a new age of reptiles to come.

    First One
    This creature made of living flame is the undisputed creator of the Fire People. It is also the one who created the clockwork inside of the planet Etheria, changing its rotation and making it habitable. First One and its offspring are still living deep inside Etheria, keeping the mechanism running that all live on the planet depends on.

    The horned creator of the beast people was also the head deity of the pantheon worshiped in ancient Zalesia. It is said that he made both the Ram Stone and the Havoc Staff.

    The self-proclaimed God of Evil originally came from the planet Florania but after being tranformed by the Star Seed's power, he did not look like a Floranian anymore. He is the creator of the giants and was one of the most poweful acients, until his second wife Shokoti and his daughter Horokoth conspired to kill him. With a powerful weapon created by Horokoth, a glowing scythe, Shokoti slashed her husband open and used his blood and power to create a powerful magical crystal.
    But not only his power is still alive in the crystal, as was seen when a moon where the crystal was stored formed a face similar to his.

    The god of the forests originally came from the planet Florania and is in fact Nordor's brother. While he had several children, he never actually created or imported a whole sentient species, preferring the wilderness over civilization. He even decided to leave his body behind and become one with the flora of Eternia, being in every blade of grass, in every leaf and every flower.
    However, when the human shaman Kreann needed help against Horosh's tyrannical son Sero, Horosh granted him a fraction of his power, making him Kreann'ot n'Horosh, champion of the forest.

    Originally a service android on the ship, Mask-Ra absorbed power from the Star Seed alongside the crew. Unlike the other Ancients, Mask-Ra never had any interest in creating life. Instead, they started imitating it, disguising themselve as different creatures. While having neither sex nor gender, Mask-Ra was seen as either male or female by their followers. The Sylcons saw Mask-Ra as female while the Sorcerer Kings generally saw them as male. One devout follower of Mask-Ra was Sersi the Cunning, inventor of the Shaping Staff. Another one was Clawdeen, first princess of the Magicats, whom they gifted the Cat Mask. It is unknown if Mask-Ra is still around but they are still worshiped by the Magicats and the people of Driluth.

    This are the Ancients of the first generation that I have so far. Second generation will include a bunch of known names.
    I have no pictures of the characters since I'm really terrible at drawing faces.
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    The second generation of Ancients
    Unlike the first generation, the second was born as gods or demigods. They came into being in different ways, but they all are in some way offspring of the first Ancients.

    The son of Schneidor and a human woman, the Gatekeeper took the role of guardian for all the portals his father left behind. He is still fulfilling this duty, even though after thousands of years, he has gotten a bit senile.

    The Gatekeeper's twin brother and his polar opposite refused to take any responsibility and decided to travel the universe. His outlook changed when he happened to become the protector of a species of living comets.

    Sun Princess
    The daughter of the Sun Queen and Schneidor is barely known on Eternia and Etheria, because with Schneidor's help, the Sun Queen took her to a different planet when she was still young. The bee people, however, worship her as their ancestor, telling the story that she split herself into a thousand mortal queens and gave birth to first the first drones and with their help the first worker bees, the first soldiers and finally a second generation of queens, populating the whole planet.

    The daughter of a Gar queen and Klingsor was a demigoddess of little power. Using her position as a a princess, however, she had access to all the Gar's knowledge about magic and alchemy. She poisoned her mother and usurped the throne, which was a risky move, provoking the anger of her father Klingsor. Nordor, the God of Evil, however, who held a grudge against Klingsor for a long time, protected Shokoti. She became his pupil and later his wife, amassing power and becoming recognized as a goddess.
    Trying to copy the Crystal of Eternia, a creation of the Star Seed itself, she noticed she needed to infuse it with the power of an Ancient, so she joined a conspiracy of second generation Ancients to kill Nordor. She herself used Horokoth's scythe do deliver the killing blow and created her crystal from, among other things, his blood, which contained his power.
    Sensing that the crystal not only had Nordor's power but also some of hos will, she decided against using it and sealed it away. She took over her husbands position as deity of evil but also wanted more direct power over mortals.
    Klingsor stopped her from returning to the Gar, so she became the queen of the lizard jungle (that would later become first a swamp, than a desert known as the Sands of Time), enslaving lizard people, Gar and humans living there and summoning or creating monsters to keep them in check.
    Her downfall came when she, as a demonstration of power, merged humans and lizard people into creatures known today as reptile men. Not only did three of her priestesses decide to fight Shokoti after this act, the reptile men also modified her palace, that they were forces to erect, into a prison.
    Finally incarcerated, Shokoti decided to go to sleep and wait for those still loyal to her to free her from outside.

    The son of Neptu stayed behind to rule the oceans when she left Eternia. The tyrannical ruler of the Neptunians sought to increase his power by gaining a magical crimson pearl from a giant clam monster. Not wanting to risk one of his followers, he forced the human hero Torak to steal the pearl. Torak succeeded, but as soon as the Crimson Pearl was combined with Bakull's ritual weapon, a spear, the Ancient betrayed Torak and tried to kill him with it. Torak, however, managed to wrest the spear out of Bakull's hands and impale the god with it. Severely wounded, Bakull went to sleep.
    It is said that he can be awoken when the spear sheds magical blood …
    Some, however, claim that Bakkull is barely sentient and that it was always his high priest who held the true power.

    The youngest of his generation (since Iandir, who may or may not be the Ice Lords daughter, isn't counted as an Ancient), Darkdream was born long after the rule of the Ancients, after the Sorcerer Kings and even after King Grayskull.
    When Phantos revisited Eternia, she fell for the human Kar-Tor, a soldier serving the Council of Eternia, the body that ruled the kingdom of Eternia alongside the king or queen. They had a son who at first looked human but over time developed not only powers but also an aversion to daylight and delusions of godhood. When he gathered a cult and plotted to immerse the kingdom of Eternia into eternal darkness, his father was forces to fight and incarcerate him. His cult, however, is still alive and plotting to free him.

    First Ones
    The offspring of First One, called the First Ones, still live deep inside Etheria, guarding and maintaining the ancient clockworks. They, like their single parent, are living flames. They also provide the internal heat of Etheria, powering all volcanoes, geysers and earthquakes, completely involuntarily.

    The oldest of the second generation of Ancients and daughter of Nordor and his first wife. Who this first wife was is unknown. Some believe that it was Phantos, explaining Horokoth's fondness for bats. Other believe her to be a giant, explaining Horokoth's impressive size, or an unknown Ancient.
    Horokoth was follower and pupil of her father Nordor and creator of the Scythe of Horokoth. Using the scythe to cut a rift into space, she traveled to the Spirit Realm, where she encountered an incredibly powerful but mindless being called the Source. Again using the scythe, she cut off a piece of it and formed it into a spirit creature that would later be known as the Prime.
    For reasons unknown, she conspired with other students of Nordor to kill her father and lend the scythe to Shokoti for the actual deed.
    When Shokoti usurped Nordors place and refused to give back the scythe, Horokoth challenged her to a duel and lost. She left Eternia and settled down on a small, unnamed planet that would later become known as Horde World.
    Some say that the first leader of the Horde, Hasper Tan, who called himself Hordak, was her demigod son. Others say that he simply had her blessing.
    When a later leader of the Horde reached a small planet neighboring Horde World, Horokoth infused him with the Prime, giving him visions of a vast space empire. He renamed himself Horde Prime and the title as well as the Prime itself, have since been given from one leader of the Horde to the next.
    Horokoth is still around, staying in the background and watching over the Horde Empire.
    [Honestly, I don't know if I want to keep the whole Prime thing. It is part of my story now, but the story would actually work just as well without it and having just Horokoth influence Horde Prime from the shadows instead. What do you think?]

    While already married to Shokoti, Nordor had an affair with the inter-dimensional demon goddess Muka and sired the monster Molkrom.
    Because of his savage nature, Molkrom was never seen as an equal by the other Ancients, but he didn't care for that anyway. Lacking the great magical powers of other Ancients, he ruled over the Mystic Mountains with fear and brute strength. When his subjects rebelled against him, Shokoti secretly send three of her priestesses to aid them. When the rebels trapped Molkrom in a cave, the priestesses encased him in crystal.
    For a long time, Molkrom was nearly forgotten, until the Torgs, a human tribe living in the Mystic Mountains, found him and started worshiping him.

    Originally named Sero by his father Horosh, the plant creature renamed himself Sero Malusto, or, in the common tongue, Evilseed, when he became a student of his uncle Nordor. He was one of the students who conspired against Nordor and found himself with not much power afterwards.
    For a while, he ruled over the vine jungle until the shamans of the beast people joint forces to drive him away.
    Much later he became the tyrannical god king of Evergreen Forest ans the surrounding area, including the human Ape Tribe. A shaman from that tribe however, used the power Horosh to imprison him under a magical seal.
    The seal was unearthed later, when the Eternos Palace was build in this place and became part of the floor in the deepest underground story. And Evilseed is just waiting for someone to break it …
    [While the bio gives his name as Sero Malusto, the character guide calls him Sero Malustro. Does anyone know if that was a typo in the bio or a mistake in the character guide?]

    Another child of Horosh is the treelike Skytree. Immobile as he is, he just grows in his valley, providing the earth with his power and making plants grow exceptionally. While he can't travel, many travelers came to him and he learned about the world. Being appreciated for his knowledge and wisdom and his vital function to the valley, he became the leader of a community of forest creatures who guard him from all enemies.

    So, those are the main Ancients.
    What do you think? Is there anything that isn't quite clear? Anything you think I could do better? Should I keep the Prime? Any other commentary?
    (Did you find any typos or grammatical errors? English isn't my first language, so I appreciate corrections.)

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    Other Ancients

    There are creatures that are not actually related to the original Ancients but are still counted. Some were created by them, some joined them but they all became deities in their own right.

    After they had imprisoned the Energy Beast in Mount Eternia, the Acients decided that the Star Seed that gave birth to the monster but also provided the power to stop it, had to be guarded. They created the four-armed giant procrustus from the rock of the planet's core.
    Procrustus has since not only guarded the Star Seed but also repaired lots of damage done to Eternia's structure by both natural disasters and magical attacks.

    The Star Sisters
    Three human sisters and servants of Phantos who wound up becoming the first incarnation of Phantos' Three Ladies. Phantos gave them tools and powers to serve her better and for a longer time.
    The Star Sisters, however, grew addicted to the power and finally made a deal with Shokoti, tethering their power to hers and becoming her priestesses. Now more powerful than ever before, they were themselves feared and worshiped.
    They were the ones who encased Molkrom in crystal but also the ones who betrayed Shokoti, when they finally couldn't accept her cruelty anymore.
    Shokoti had a hard time fighting, but finally used their powers against them, engulfing them in crystal and throwing them far away into space.
    There, away from Shokoti, the Star Sister were not nearly powerful enough to break free. And even if they came back to Eternia, or close to it, as long as Shokoti is imprisoned, they only have the powers that Phantos gave them.

    Created by the Snake Godess, the Demon Lord of Snakes was meant to be a simple snake herder, protecting the giant snakes of Preternia that the Snake Goddess was so fond of. He did this and was worshipped as a minor god both by the lizard people and the humans who were grateful that someone tamed those dangerous animals.
    The human Snake Tribe especially considered him an important deity (which eventually lead to their downfall when they mistook the Snake Men for his children).
    Unlike his creator, Ka did not like the Snake Men when they invaded Eternia but couldn't turn down Hssss request to heal a wounded Serpos. By taking Serpos away, though, he robbed the Snake Men of their most powerful weapon until Hssss managed to regain control using the Medallion of Serpos. To stop the thread once and for all, Ka and a group of other sorcerors lured Serpos to a nameless mountain where they turned him to stone. Ka, however, used all of his power to create the spell and there is nothing left of him except for an image of his face in the mountainside.

    The Demon from the Beginning of Time
    When Nordor created the giants, he gave them an inherent malice, a drive to harm and destroy. And at first, they did. But time passed and they noticed that they were nothing but miserable when living this way, so their shamans found a way to extract the evil Nordor had given them.
    Unplanned, however, the evil took a physical form, that of the Demon from the Beginning of Time. The Demon was stronger than the giants, enslaved them and used them as its army to conquer the land around.
    The Demon from the Beginning of Time was finally killed by the human Torak with one half of the Sword of the Ancients, but the evil lived on and has since been reborn as two demon brothers known as Angast and Uqquz Zekul-Mshqx.

    The Sleeping Beast
    This creature summoned from the depth of the darkest dimensions was Shokoti's main enforcer and seen as a deity itself. Its power to plunge the whole planet Eternia into darkness was only held in check by the other ancients, especially Phantos. Since it needed to eat a lot when awake, Shokoti kept it asleep whenever she didn't need it, leading to its name.
    When Shokoti was imprisoned, the Sleeping Beast was imprisoned with her but if it ever got free today, nothing would stop it from bringing eternal darkness anymore.

    Nobody knows where she came from, but this deity worshiped by the Qadians, a cat-like offshoot of the beast people, is indeed real and dangerous. More a bring of strength than of cunning and determined to defeat her enemy, the Spider Queen, this goddess of war is still around, waiting for her foe to make a move.

    Spider Queen
    Probably originating from the same unknown place as Grimalkin, the Spider Queen is also worshiped by the Qadians, as a deity of cunning, deceit and transformation. Wounded in battle with Grimalkin, the Spider Queen is sleeping in a stone-like state in her ancient temple, waiting for others she can manipulate into attacking her foe.

    I hope I didn't forget any.

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    This thread would probably work better with pictures. Anyone in the mood to draw?

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    I like your ideas here yeah artwork would set this off more.
    My wants all NA POG SOH filmation Garth Lady Slithor Meteorbs Zark Michi, Kothos, King Taurius, King Helios, Kittrina, Illumina, be plastic IMMORTALIZED

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    Artifacts of Power

    The Jeweled Meteor
    It was Klingsor who first noticed the meteor made of an alien material that was the perfect conduct for the ancients' power. While he originally planned to keep it for himself, the other Ancients noticed when he took the meteor to Eternia. They finally agreed to share it and used the precious material to create several artifacts.

    The Sword of the Ancients
    The first and most powerful object they created was the Sword of the Ancients, a weapon that would magnify their power. The ancients would regularly meet to decide who should wield it until their next meeting. When their numbers dwindled because some had left Eternia (and one, Nordor, was even killed) the original Ancients decided to split the sword in half, leave it at their meeting place and put a spell on it that allowed no Ancient to put it back together alone.
    The sword halves where taken by rebels against Shokoti and used as keys to magically seal her prison. Afterwards, one half was guarded by the human Torak, the other by the mysterious Gar hero Tornado.
    The half swords went through many hands, were recombined and separated anew, one was even destroyed and reforged and they traveled through time at least once. Finally one half was wielded by D'vann Grayskull, who accidentally broke it in a fight against the Snake Man general Strettch Nek and reforged it at the bottomless chasm into the Sword of Power. The other half was later given to Grayskull by the Oracle, as a weapon for his (yet unborn) daughter. Much later, said daughter reforged it into the Sword of Protection.

    The Elixir of Schneidor
    For a long time, Schneidor didn't use his piece of the meteor at all. When he had children, tough, he wanted to give them the ability to open portals themselves. Schneidor created a solution of the meteor material and infused it with his own power. When Shokoti stole a vial of the elixir to summon a new servant (that would become known as the Sleeping Beast), Schneidor destroyed all of his elixir except for one vial that he hid in one of his temples.

    The Sword of Doom
    Created by Klingsor from his piece of the meteor as a lesser version of the Sword of the Ancients, it's full original name was The Sword of Evil's Doom. It became Klingsor's personal weapon until he decided to give it to one of his warrior priests who had prayed for help to save his love who had been kidnapped by beast people. The sword was next seen in the possession of the Mages of the Inescapable, a cult of Gar sorcerers who followed a different interpretation of Klingsor than the official priests and used the sword for human (and Gar, beast people et cetera) sacrifices. The cult died out but the sword probably still lies in their Crystal Shrine and it is said that, using the correct ritual, it can provide strength similar to the that of the Sword of Power.

    The Crimson Spear
    Created by Neptu from her piece of the meteor as a ritualistic weapon, it was left behind when she went on. Her son Bakkull later combined it with the Crimson Pearl, giving it the power to hurt or even kill an Ancient, but also to heal one. He experienced the first himself, when Torak used the spear against him, forcing him to fall into a coma-like state until healed. The temple of Bakkul keot the spear, trying to find out how to use it to heal Bakkull. From what they figured out, they believe it requires the spear shedding the blood of a sentient being with inherent magical talent. Most of the modern priests, though, are not unscrupulous enough to try that.

    The Staff of Avion
    The Sun Queen mixed the meteor material with gold and added one of the jewels from the meteor's crust to create a staff that could project powerful magic. She gave the stuff to one of the Andreenid queens who passed it on to the next queen and so on, until it was stolen by the Winged Tribe and became pat of the regalia of Avion.

    Straddling the line between artifact and living being, Glorybird is a creation of Phantos, made by merging the metal-like material of the meteor's core with one of the jewel's of the crust and additional crystals. While he is one massive piece, Glorybird is as mobile as a real bird and about as intelligent as one of Eternia's giant eagles. Given to the Star Sisters as a gift for years of service, Glorybird grew especially attached to Starla, the youngest. The bird was encased in crystal together with the priestesses.

    The Star Wands
    Another of Phantos' creations are the three wands the Star Sisters carry. Like Glorybird, they are made from an amalgamation of different materials, including core material and jewels from the Jeweled Meteor.
    It was believed for some time that Phantos also made the Shaping Staff, infusing it with her shapeshifting powers, but newer evidence points to the staff being a creation of the Sorcerer Kings.

    The Staff of Ka
    Using a piece of the meteor and several metals, the Snake Goddess created this staff as a tool for her servant Ka. After his death, it was carried by the Green Goddess until King Hiss took it from her. Hiss still wielded the staff when he was banished to the void, but King Grayskull's granddaughter He-Ra managed to open a dimensional gate to get it back. The staff is in the possession of the royal family since then. While it doesn't give the wielder any new powers, it serves as a conduit and amplifier for the wielder's own magical powers, even ones the wielder doesn't even know they posses.

    The Ancient Clockworks
    The First One kept its piece of the meteor unused for a long time, until it created the Ancient Clockworkd inside Etheria, a technomagical masterpiece that changes Etheria's rotation in a way that makes it habitable. The central cog that serves as a motor is made from the meteor while the rest is made from strong materials like eternium and photanium.

    The Havoc Staff
    Created by Zales, this powerful sorcerer's staff is tipped with an artificial skull made of Zales' piece of the meteor. The Havoc Staff was originally wielded by Zales himself, then by the kings of Zalesia even after they became vassals of first the Sylcons then the Sorcerer Kings. When Sorcerer King Tamusk died without a clear successor and the Sorcerer Kingdom broke into feuding city states, the Havoc Staff was lost. It was next seen in the hands of the Great Black Wizard. When the Five Wizards of Good beat him, the staff was wielded by one of them, Allenar, until he was killed and the staff taken by King Hiss. Hssss gave it to his distant cousin Cerastos of the Viper House aka Hornhead, who happened to have his seat of power in the conquered Zalesia. When Hornhead was killed by his slave Nikolas, the latter became king of Zalesia and wielder of the Havoc Staff. Because of a curse, Nikolas is still imprisoned in his palace, halfway alive and guarding the staff.

    The Ram Stone
    Cut by Zales from one of the meteror's jewels, the powerful ram stone was the center piece of the Ancient's harness. Zales left it to the kings of Zalesia and it remains hidden in the royal palace of Zalesia until this day.

    The Priest's Mask
    Nordor made this mask from his piece of the meteor for one of his followers. It was supposed to keep said follower alive and bind his soul so he would stay around after death. He waited a long time until the right follower came along, the high priest Rakka, but before he could give him the mask, Nordor was killed by Shokoti. Rakka became Shokoti's high priest and she gave him the mask. While Rakka died in the aftermath of Shokoti's imprisonment, his soul is indeed bound to the mask now. After some time, he learned to materialize a new body and is still around today.

    Not really an artifact, but also a creation of the Ancients. Horosh merged his part of the meteor with the planet Eternia itself, changing some of its iron deposits and creating the new element eternium.

    The Crystal of Nordor
    Radiating power from the Star Seed, a jewel from the Jeweled Meteor, the blood of Nordor and darkest sorcery. That's how Shokoti made the Crystal of Nordor that was supposed to be as powerful as the original Crystal of Eternia that came from the Star Seed itself. It might be, but as Shokoti noticed, it also had some of Nordor's will left in it. Fearing that the crystal could overpower her, if she used it, Shokoti sealed it a way in an underground chamber and filled up the tunnel leading to it.
    Nobody knows for sure how it is possible that it was found in an underground chamber – on the planet Primus.
    [Well, I know. But this is not the place to tell.]
    On Primus, far from the Star Seed, the Crystal of Nordor was weaker, but still dangerous, so the chamber was sealed and buried again. It was decided to take the chamber and a good chunk of the ground around it, magicall out of the planet and hurl it into space.
    Unfortunately, it did not vanish into the emptiness between the stars or crash into one of the three suns. Instead, it stabilized in an orbit around the neighboring planet Denebria, attracted more debris and became a moon. At that point, Denebria had no inhabitants, so nobody really cared.
    Over time, the moon formed something like a face, a bit skull-like, much like the Ancient Nordor's face actually. Nonetheless, the crystal doesn't seem to influence the planet or the colonists and their descendants on the surface in any visible way. But there must be some form of influence, however invisible. How else could it be explained that the Denebrians who know nothing about the Ancients, named their moon “Nordor”?

    The Scythe of Horokoth
    Horokoth was the only second generation Ancient at the time when Klingsor found the Jeweled Meteor. She used her piece of the meteor to create the ultimate murder weapon, a blade that could cut something as immaterial as a ghost as well as something as tough as an Ancient. As it turned out, the scythe could also cut into the veil separating the material world from the Spirit Realm.
    When she lend the scythe to Shokoti to kill Nordor, she shrunk it down to the smaller Ancient's size.
    Shokoti used the scythe on Nordor and never gave it back.
    After the rebellion against Shokoti, the scythe was stolen. It went from one owner to the next without ever finding someone who could really use it. After it ended up in Castle Grayskull it was stolen by the burglar and mercenary Karak Nul who had broken into the castle on behalf of Damon, the leader of the Cult of Hordak at that time.
    When Damon managed to combine both halves of the Sword of the Ancients (this was after King Grayskull, but before the sword halves were send back in time and fell into Grayskull's hands) Karak Nul tried to steal the completed sword but was caught. In the ensuing fight between Nul and Damon, the scythe hit the sword and both combatants were knocked back by a sudden burst of power. Damon, being a big, demonic creature, was fine, but Karak Nul hid his head hard enoough to kill him. The Scythe of Horokoth, however, cut open a rift into the Spirit Realm and fell through, taking Karak Nul's soul with it.
    Nul is still their, having materialized a ghostly body but not yet figured out how to come back.

    The Storm Armor
    The Storm Armor is a technomagical construct created by Klingsor himself from parts of the spaceship that the Ancients originally arrived with. Klingsor gave it to one of his priests who prayed for help when his love was abducted by Beast Men and it has been given from one high priest to the next ever since. It allows the wearer to create a whirlwind that can transport them and at the same time be used as a weapon and also contains a radar that warns them about obstacles. It drafts itself onto the wearer and can not be safely removed so it is usually worn until death.

    The Cat Mask
    For a long time, Mask-Ra did nothing with their part of the Jeweled Meteor. Only when Clawdeen, first princess of the newly formed Magicat kingdom of Half Moon, prayed to Mask-Ra for help against the cabal of evil mages and warlords led by Zin and the Volcano Magus, they forged the Cat Mask and gave it to her. With the mask, she could not only turn into a fierce panther but also create new warriors, the Cat Man Goblins, from ordinary cats.
    The Cat Mask stayed with the royal family of Half Moon and is usually worn by the queen.

    Of course the Ancients created a lot more things. But as it is with all technology, magic included, most was one day surpassed and became obsolete. For example, Shokoti had an amulet to create force fields big enough to protect her palace, but later the Sorcerer Kings managed to make even better ones and even those proved, in the end, to be insufficient against the Snake Men.
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    So, now some places. Well, three. And all of them are from Filmation, I just gave them more history.

    Places of Power

    Mount Eternia
    Inside Mount Eternia, a former volcano, lies the original shaft to the Star Seed. It was the Energy Beast's seat of power and became its prison after the Ancients defeated it. It is also said to contain a golden chamber, where the spirit of an Ancient (it is not known which one, but it means that at least one of them is indeed dead) waits to give advice in the case that the Energy Beast ever comes free. To make sure that that never happens, the Ancients decided to keep the secret of Mount Eternia safe even from their offspring. Someone, however, must have told, otherwise we wouldn't know this story.
    The lone mountain lies in the Kingdom of Eternia, not far from the capital Eternos.

    City of the Ancients
    In the beginning of their godhood, the Ancients tried living together in a palace that soon became a city, when they brought in their creatures and servants. Over time, the city was abandoned by the Ancients when they each moved to their own seats of power. From the city rose the Sylcons, the first great empire of Eternia that lasted until it was conquered by the Sorcerer Kings, culminating in Tamusk, the last of the Sorcerer Kings, taking the City of the Ancients itself.
    After Tamusk died without a heir and the Sorcerer Kings' realm broke into pieces, the city became home to the Ka worshiping Snake Tribe.
    When the Snake Men came, they were welcomed by the Snake Tribe and the City of the Ancients became their local headquarter. The Snake Tribe remained as their servants until they became followers of the Green Goddess and most of them were slaughtered as retaliation. The surviving members of the tribe settled not far away.
    D'Vann Grayskull's Alliance of Free People conquered the city but didn't keep it. It was barely inhabited when Hordak used the spell of separation on the planet Eternia and the continent Preternia broke into pieces.
    Before, the City of the Ancients had not been far from castle Grayskull, today the two places are separated by an ocean and the exact location of the city has been lost to time.
    However, the appearance of a warlord from the future named Skeletor in the time when the Snake Tribe served the Snake Men, suggests that not only will the City of the Ancients be found but that it contains something that allows time travel.

    House of Shokoti
    This palace was meant to be Shokoti's ultimate seat of power. Its construction took centuries and many slaves perished under the harsh working conditions. Even before the palace was fully ready, Shokoti moved in and brought with her the Sleeping Beast that served as a powerful motivation. When she, in another attempt to motivate the workers, merged humans and Lizard People into Reptile Men, the resulting confused creatures were easily swayed by rebels to turn the palace into a trap for the hated goddess. Since it was already build to resist magic, all that was needed was a way to seal it. The revolt of the Star Sisters proved to be the diversion the rebels needed to install a magical seal that would be closed with the Sword of the Ancients itself.
    For centuries, the House of Shokoti stood in the woods, grown over and sunken into the ground, avoided by everyone. When King Hiss used a powerful curse against the city state of Zalesia that turned the surrounding landscape into desert, the House of Shokoti too, was swallowed by sand.
    Today, it is just one more ancient building in the Sands of Time. There are reasons to believe that it will not only be found but also opened and that Shokoti will return.

    I also repeat my question: Is there someone who would like to draw some of this stuff?
    Oh, and my other question: Are there things you don't understand? I made the experience that it is easy to consider something obvious as a writer while the reader actually has no idea what it is supposed to be about.

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    I added the Storm Armor to the artifacts.

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    Inspired by the Classics bio for Catra's mask, I added Mask-Ra to the first generation of Ancients and the Cat Mask to the artifacts.

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