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Thread: Masters Mondays MOTUC bio reveals: March 30th - Cat Mask

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuc98 View Post
    Mask-RaI can't
    This isn't her first reference. Mask-Ra was name-dropped the last time Catra's mask got a Bio... :^)
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    While the mask being the reason atracting The Horde to Etheria is interesting and surprising, it doesn't quite connect with what we have seen so far. I mean, if it was such a valuable item, you would expect Hordak would want it for himself, intead of letting one of his commanders to have it for personal use. Also, I haven't seen that mask so powerful to change the balance of things between The Horde and The Rebellion. Maybe in those ancient days when She-Ra was not around, the mask had more value as an artifact that could turn events in a battle, but in modern Etheria it seems it's almost irrelevant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by facet View Post
    Great bio, now we have two ancients Saz and Mask-Ra. Question though, how do the magicats worship Saz if he is a god on eternia? Also I wonder what clawdeen looked like in her “magicat” form? Why would catra transform Clawdeen( seems like a form of punishment) for help to draw catra to Etheria.
    in answer to the question 'how do the Magicats worship Saz', I would assume it is because they are gods of all dimensions as they created all five of them including Despondos and Eternia

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