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It's a thing of the past.

I think the MOTUC bios, as a whole, have been a lot of fun. But many fans (I'd even wager most) disliked the addition of "real names"
MOTU isn't GI Joe. MOTU aren't superheroes that have a real identity they keep secret. So there was no need to continue with alternate names for the characters.
That's too bad. I actually really enjoyed those. Oh well.

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I disagree about the names. While I don't really need a separate "real name" section and not all characters need names separate from the ones we usually call them, there is a bunch of names in MotuC that's very obviously not the names the characters were given by their parents. In other cases, the "real name" section was used to give us their full names.
Hawke, Vultak or Lodar don't need any "real names" because that can easily be their names. But Lord Masque already has an official "real name", it's Rakka. And it makes sense that he has one, he wasn't born with that mask.
Similarly, I find it hard to believe that Quakke was always called that, even before he got the meteor hammer.
Concur. I wasn't thinking of it like a secret identity (like G.I. Joe or superheroes) just that many/most names are based on a gimmick of the character that they wouldn't have acquired until later in life, so it was obviously not the name they were born with. It's not a huge deal, just disappointed to see them go, as I felt it added a bit of realism to some of these characters.