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Thread: The Wizards of Good

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    The Wizards of Good

    So, I gave you my interpretation of the Ancients
    now here is my take on the Wizards of Good.

    During the Snake Man invasion a young Green Goddess gathered a group of warriors and mages to help protect the people of Eternia. They fought King Hiss and his troops as well as other evils like Morgoth or the Great Black Wizard. Their leaders where known as the Five Wizards of Good, and many called the whole group by this name.

    The actual Five Wizards:

    The Green Goddess
    Sharella was born as the daughter of the sorceress Sybilline and the Star Seed itself. Known as the Star Child in her youth, she was a classmate of Prince Dare and an ally of He-Ro. When the Heroic Warriors attempted to reseal Shokoti in her palace using both halves of the Sword of the Ancients, Shokoti's attempt to destroy the sword was warped by the strange properties of the Sand of Time and send the half swords as well as Sharella and the trollan Snoob into the past, to the time of the original Snake Man invasion of Preternia.
    After being hurt in an attempt to tame the snake god Serpos, Sharella went to the crystal caves at the place where Castle Grayskull would be build. Finding that the rifts leading to the Star Seed don't exist yet, Snoob used his unstable magic to create a hole leading to the center of the planet.
    The Star Seed's power healed its daughter and while she lived in the cave, Sharella became only more powerful and became known as a goddess to the surrounding tribes. Over time, her body turned a translucent green, making it obvious that she was not a mortal being.
    After a visit by a time traveling warlord named Skeletor even the Snake Tribe started doubting the Snake Men and gifted the Green Goddess a cobra shaped headdress devoed to the Ka, the Lord of Snakes. By accepting it, she confirmed her connection to Ka and gained the Snake Tribe as followers.
    Collecting new and old allies, she founded the Wizards of Good to fight the Snake Men and other threads, knowing that she would not be the one who finally beats King Hiss.
    When most of the Wizards were killed in the final fight against Serpos, Sharella finally accepted Hiss' offer of peace and the tribes following her became vassals of the Snake Men, while she took the staff of her fallen friend and ally Ka, making it one of her iconic accessories.
    Years later she fell in love with the (already married) chief Grey of the Skull tribe. She had since then learned to take the a normal human form and the two had a short affair that lead to a child.
    Grey accepted the illegitimate child as his own and he and his wife raised the boy alongside their own children and named him D'Vann.
    When D'Vann was young man, a disguised Sharella tested his virtue by pretending to be in danger. When he jumped to her aid without hesitation, she gave him a good battle ax and a harness, both made from eternium, and told him that he would need it when freeing his people from the Snake Men.
    Only later, when D'Vann had his first victory against the Snake Men and was in the process of forging an alliance among the tribes, Sharella appeared in public as the Green Goddess and bestowed upon D'Vann the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings aka one half of the Sword of the Ancients.
    The other members of the alliance accepted this sign and declared D'Vann their leader.
    Over a decade later, Sharella disguised herself as a mortal woman again to fight at the side of her son, by now D'Vann, Lord of Castle Grayskull, and his warriors in their second war against the Snake Men, that would become known as the First War at Ultimate Battleground.
    She had a fling with the wizard He-Ro, but before anything could come of it, Sharella was wounded by the Snake Man archer Quick Flick with a poisonous arrow. The magic venom weakened her and she had to retreat into the crystal caves, letting everyone believe she perished and leaving the Staff of Ka behind for Hiss to take.
    It is unknown if she survived the poisoning, but none of the sorceresses and sorcerers of Grayskull ever encountered her in the cave, so she is believed to be gone for good.

    The Oracle
    The trollan gangster Snoob who had a change of heart when He-Man saved his life and became a Heroic Warrior himself, was send to the past together with Sharella and the Sword of the Ancients. When he discovered that an oracle that the people asked for counsel was actually a swindler who soled their secrets to the Snake Men, Snoob forced him out and took the role of oracle himself.
    Hos knowledge of the future allowed him to make actual prophecies and his connection to the Wizards of Good and the people who visited the oracle allowed him to help both sides.
    Much later, after most of the Wizards had perished in battle, the oracle was sought out by King Grayskull himself, who needed help dealing with his former ally Hordak, who had turned against him. Snoob not only gave him good advice, but also the second half of the Sword of the Ancients to give to his daughter.
    It is said that the oracle lived about a hundred years more after this and died peacefully in his sleep.

    When a wounded Serpos was devastating the continent of Preternia, both Sharella and King Hiss sought Ka's help. The Demon Snake Lord agreed and managed to calm down Serpos, but not before the giant beast had injured Sharella.
    He brought Serpos to a secret place and used his magic to make sure Hiss would not find him. He spend half of his time with his snakes, nursing Serpos back to health, half with the Wizards of Good, helping the people of Eternia. When Serpos was healed completely, he was harder and harder to control until he managed to leave the protection of the Ka's spell and was spotted by Snake Men. Using the Medaillon of Serpos, Hssss managed to bring Serpos under his control.
    Reluctantly, Ka agreed to Sharellas plan to turn Serpos to stone. When the spell threatened to fail and Serpos came dangerously close to the wizards, Ka put all his power into the spell, sacrificing himself but succeeding in turning Serpos into the giant stone snake we know today.

    When the young R'tendril came to the oracle to seek help, Snoob sensed his magical talent and send him to Sharella to learn. Indeed R'tendril became a powerful wizard who invented his own spells and wrote them down in a book that he called The Book of Living Spells, because he was constantly revising and improving it.
    R'tendril became a field leader for the Wizards, sealing away the Crimson Scourge and helping Granamyr to defeat the Great Black Wizard.
    After they turned Serpos to stone, the Wizards of Good were attacked by King Hiss and his forces who killed many of them. R'tendril, however, escaped and went into hiding, furthering his studies.
    Decades later he took an an eleven year old girl named Veena as his student, who, according to her, was not from Eternia and had no idea how she got here, except that she remembered something about a rainbow. Another decade later, D'Vann of the Skull Tribe tried to win the dragons for his war against the Snake Men or at least have Granamyr call back the dragons who ate the livestock of several farmers every day. The talks didn't go very well until R'tendril and Veena intervened. R'tendril, calling himself Eldor now, and his student joined D'Vann's cause.
    When D'Vann's people free a Snake Man prison camp, among the prisoners is a young man with pointy ears and lots of mechanical parts that seem to be completely broken and hindering his speech and movement. Using one of his Living Spells and a pool of water, Eldor freed the man from the useless additions, unknowingly setting free a swarm of nanobots that would befall other creatures.
    Now able to speak freely, the man revealed that he had lost his memory, probably because of the malfunctioning technology, that he understands a lot better than Eldor. Eldor takes him as his new student.
    R'tendril lives to see the construction of castle Grayskull, the First War at Ultimate Battlegorund, the crwoning of King Grayskull and the conflict with the Horde. His exact date of death is unknown, but some say that he didn't actually die. They say he is still there, inside his book. As a living spell.

    Ry'gus Allenar
    Theoretically the lord of the city state of Allenar, Ry'gus lost everything when the local Snake Man ruler decided that the city didn't serve him well and razed it to make room for his new palace. Ry'gus became a follower of the Green Goddess and member of the Wizards of Good. As a talented sorcerer he was on R'tendrils team when they freed the Reptile Men from the ever looming thread of the Crimson Scourge. After he created the Crystal of Allenar, a stone necklace that would connect the wearer to the Crystal Cave, from one of the stones in said cave, he was promoted to leader, completing the Five Wizards of Good.
    When Granamyr gave the Wizards of Good a bunch of magic jewels as thanks for helping him deal with the Great Black Wizard, Allenar studied the stones, found new and fantastic uses for them and created a magic staff that allowed the wielder to use all their powers at once and even combine them for more effects. Also, it served as a typical wizard's staff, of course.
    Ry'gus Allenar died when King Hiss took revenge for turning Serpos to stone. R'tendril kept his staff, until he found a new worthy bearer.

    And the same here: Would someone like to draw those?

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    Keclar of Zalesia
    The young zalesian noble fled from his hometown that was ruled by the Snake Men and joined the Wizards of Good. While a talented mage, he was also arrogant and hot-headed. Because of that, he was not allowed to join the group that turned Serpos to stone. That probably saved his live, when many of that group were killed by King Hiss' forces in retaliation. After that, Keclar returned to Zalesia, were he continued to study sorcery in secret. When the rebellion in Zalesia started, Keclar soon joined and helped freeing the city from the Snake Men. When the new ruler, Nikolas of Zalesia, decided to join D'Vann of the Skull Tribe, Keclar accompanied him to the latter's territory.
    When King Hiss turned Zalesia into a desert and Nikolas was magically imprisoned in his palace, Keclar had to lead his people through the growing Sands of Time to the safety of the new city Eternos.
    Keclar became part of the Council of Elders and bound his live to the Orb of Power. After both Tyn-Mah and Adi betrayed the council, Keclar became its chairman and speaker. Being bound to the orb, he lived an exceptionally long life and stayed around in spirit form after that but could never leave the Hall of Wisdom.

    Ollo the Third
    The leader of the Ape Tribe was an equally strong and cunning warrior and a devote follower of the Green Goddess. When he joined the Wizards of Good, he was afraid to work under his goddess at first, but learned soon that she was more human than he had ever thought. He and his warriors carried out many missions for the Wizards he fought the Great Black Wizard and his monstrous creatures in person. He was there, when Serpos was turned to stone and died in the following battle against the Snake Men.

    No, he never called himself that.
    In a small kingdom named Bashido at the eastern coast of Preternia that held itself against the Snake Men for quite some time, it was custom that orphans would be trained to be spies and assassins. None of them had a name as they were taught that they all were identical and replaceable. The boy who would become Slamurai was sent on many missions into Snake Men territory, where he pretended to be a slave. Secretly, however, he also learned the way of the warrior and when his kingdom was attacked by the Snake Men again, he dressed himself in white cloth and a mask to do the opposite of what he was usually supposed to do – he drew the enemies attention on himself, providing a distraction for the other warriors. He continued training as both a spy and a warrior.
    When Ollo and Snoob came to the kingdom to learn how it had resisted the Snake Men, the Slamurai, as he was called, was already known as one of its best warriors, though his identity was known only to his wife Ageisha. Slamurai, Snoob and Ollo came up with a plan to use magic espionage to throw the local Snake Man force into chaos, disabling it for good. Slamurai traveled back with the Wizards and joined them.
    Immediately when he arrived, he joined the fight against the wizard Morgoth and was instrumental in resealing him in his pocket dimension.
    He was part of many fights to come until he got message from his home. The Snake Men were besieging the kingdom with an army of unseen numbers.
    The Wizards of Good came to help, but couldn't do much. The king however, had a plan. He was allied with the demon king Angast who just needed one warrior he would merge with to beat the Snake Men. Slamurai volunteered and merged with Angast into a terrible demon warrior who vanished into smoke to reappear in a different place. The warrior fought his way through the Snake Man army and killed the general leading it. But he was also compelled to open a gate to the underworld and summon an army of demon warriors to conquer the kingdom himself.
    When the Wizards of Good and Ageisha tried to stop him, he used a magical weapon stolen from the Snake Men, a Petrification Bomb created by the wizard Medusor. While the Wizards of Good escaped the blast radius, Ageisha made a surprise attack on the demon warrior and shoved him through the gate. Before he was fully through, the bomb exploded, turning Ageisha to stone. With its summoner now on the wrong side, the gate closed. In the underworld, Angasts wizards separated him and Slamurai, but the man wasn't the same anymore. His feet stayed in demonic form, his eyes kept glowing red and his loyalty to Bashido, Ageisha and the Wizards of Good had turned into hate. The transformation allowed him to survive in the underworld. Not liking Angast any more than his other former allies, the warrior called Slamurai stayed on his own, waiting for someone to summon him or open a portal. And he finally gave himself a name. Ninjor.

    Hans Hammerholder
    Hans, a big warrior and master of the warhammer from the north, was a member of the Wizards of Good. He was one of the few who survived the revenge of King Hiss after Serpos was turned to stone. When the Oracle tried a spell to return to Trolla, Hans was accidentally hit by it and indeed transported to the alien planet. The spell however, was unstable and send him back to Eternia. Because the dimensions were out of sync, many decades had passed on Hans' home planet and he fought at the side of Vikor before being whisked away to Trolla again. He reappeared several times during eternian history, often serving as a Heroic Warrior before involuntarily returning to Trolla again.

    Of course, those aren't all of them. I will add more over time.
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    Any suggestions what I should tackle next? The Council of Elders / Council of Eternia (same thing at different times), King Grayskull's Alliance, early Snake Men, Rulers of the Horde, the line of kings and queens of Eternia from Grayskull to Adam (no, I wouldn't do all of them, that would be impossible)?

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    I think I don't have to draw them because I don't even know how the characters really look like.
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    Yeah, I didn't really describe them, did I?
    Of course if someone wants to draw, I would give a description. Though most of the design details are things I haven't fully developed because I couldn't draw them anyway. There is some room for the artist's own ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capeträger View Post
    Any suggestions what I should tackle next? The Council of Elders / Council of Eternia (same thing at different times), King Grayskull's Alliance, early Snake Men, Rulers of the Horde, the line of kings and queens of Eternia from Grayskull to Adam (no, I wouldn't do all of them, that would be impossible)?
    Def the council of elders

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    So, having read his official bio, I added some new details to Slamurai's entry.

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    Added one more member.

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