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Thread: The Council of Elders

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    The Council of Elders

    So, after my interpretation of the Ancients
    and the Wizards of Good
    here is my version of the Council of Elders:

    When D'Vann of the Skull Tribe became the leader of the rebellion against the Snake Men after being gifted the sword of the Sorcerer Kings (half of the Sword of the Ancients) by the Green Goddess, the other tribe leaders formed a leading council acting under him. This council was, informally, known as the Council of Elders. When D'Vann, now known as D'Vann of Grayskull, became king, the council was formalized as an important part of the eternian government.
    After King Grayskull's death, the Council of Elders became the ruling body of the kingdom. It moved from Castle Grayskull into the Hall of Wisdom and the members bound their lives to the Orb
    of Power, a creation of the late Ry'gus Allenar that would keep them around even after death.
    In the history of Eternia, the role of the council has changed several time, sometimes being the true power, sometimes little more than a council of advisors to the king or queen. At some times, they even were at odds, which was especially notable during the reign of Queen Iandir.
    At the height of its power it was called the Council of Eternia and had its own cadre of warriors to send on missions.
    In the days of king Miro, the council is the main government with the king being able to veto their decisions. However, the council members, now nothing but spirits, are tired after nearly five hundred years of duty and await their replacement which will come, according to the prophecies on the Golden Disks of Knowledge, when Miro's son rises to the throne.

    And here are the Elders. Well, the first batch. More to come. I do them roughly in the order they joined the council.

    Grey of the Skull Tribe
    The chief of the Skull Tribe and D'Vann's father was forced to join his son's rebellion after the local ruler Vypor attacked his village in retaliation for D'Vann slaying several of his guards and severely injuring him. At first, he didn't believe that they could succeed and was sure that D'Vann made a grave mistake (though an understandable one, as Vypor had eaten Grey's other son). After actually beating not only Vypor's forces but also the army of General Squeeze (with some help from Moss Man) his views changed and he encouraged his son to create a great alliance of tribes that the Snake Men couldn't simply reconquer. Grey also remained an active warrior. He lived long enough to see the Alliance of Free People form a truce with the Snake Men and keep their territory as a free country, but died soon after in the short dragon war.

    Ola of the Ape Tribe
    Ola of the Ape Tribe, the elderly daughter of Ollo the Third, was among the first to join D'Vann in his quest when she send her warriors to protect the Skull Tribe from Vypor's revenge. She was advocating Grangor of the Green Tiger Tribe as the leader but changed her mind when the Green Goddess gifted D'Vann the sword of the Sorcerer Kings. Ola was leading the early Eternos that grew on in the Ape Tribe's territory. She died shortly after King Grayskull, before the council was given the Orb of Power. At that point, the Ape Tribe had been fully absorbed into the population of Eternos, so no successor was chosen.

    Grangor of the Green Tiger Tribe
    The Green Tiger Tribe lived in the Crystal Forest and was known for breeding giant cats. Their riders came to the Skull Tribes aid during the battle against Vypor's forces, led by chief Grangor himself. When they officially forged an alliance afterwards, Grangor gave the Skull, Ape and Snake Tribe one of his strongest battle cats each.
    Grangor is still around as a spirit bound to the Orb of Power.

    Kazira of the Snake Tribe
    The Snake Tribe or Snake Clan used to willingly serve the Snake Men before joining the Green Goddess and being expelled from theit home by the Snake Men. By D'Vann's time their numbers had dwindled to less than thirty adults. Nonetheless, their leader Kazira decided to come to the Skull Tribes aid. Using the old armors and weapons made of the red steel that they had been given by the Snake Men, they proved to be a worthwhile addition. After the battle, few of the Snake Tribe were left and Kazira had surplus armor melted down to create new armor for the chiefs' new battle cats.
    Kazira died during the construction of Castle Grayskull, murdered by unknown hands. It is said that a spy did it on King Hiss' orders as a last revenge for her clan betraying the Snake Men.

    After the victory against General Squeeze and his army, the alliance spread the word of resistance, hoping that more tribes would join. Indeed they were joined by the city of Mah and its leader Tyn-Mah.
    Tyn-Mah was a sorcerer which was exactly what the alliance needed at that point. Tyn-Mah became the main authority on magic in the Alliance of the Free People, until first Nikolas and Keclar than Eldor joined, who were all far more powerful.
    Resenting them, but hating the Snake Men more, Tyn-Mah stood loyally at D'Vann's side and was a member of the Council of Elders, when they got the Orb of Power.
    After being bound to the Orb for decades, during the rule of Queen Xerxa (D'Vann's great-granddaughter), Tyn-Mah made a plan to take the orb's power all for himself. Since his magic was not great enough to untie someones soul from the orb, he instead secretly forged a sword that should be able set the spirits of the other Elders free when killing them. Keclar, however, caught him in the act of completing the sword. After the situation was cleared up, the current Sorceress of Grayskull, a woman named Zoar who had been chosen by Veena herself, cut Tyn-Mahs connection from the Orb of Power and banished him from Eternos. The sowrd remained in the Hall of Wisdom.
    Tyn-Mah, however, came back, broke into the Hall of Wisdom and tried to murder his former colleagues. He was again caught by Keclar and banished to Hyperspace together with his sword.

    The leader of the Neptunians living a the western coast of Preternia was nominally living under Snake Man rule but didn't experience much of that since few Snake Men were actually able to live under water for a longer time. Still, the news of D'vann's victory reached him and he decided to help the surface-dwellers. He became a close friend of D'Vann and his amphibious troops helped turning the tide in many battles. After King Grayskull fell in battle, Aquarus abdicated in favor of his sister and became a full-time member of the Council of Elders.

    Cerator was the leader of the Caligar who lived in the caves under the Crystal Forest. While they initially believed to be safe there, the Snake Men finally expanded their reach under the ground and enslaved the creatures of Subternia. When news of D'Vann's victory reached the Caligar, Cerator didn't hesitate to rise up against the Snake Man and join the alliance.
    When Cerator decided to be bound to the Orb of Power, he expected his people to be part of the Kingdom of Eternia and was disappointed when they decided to remain independent and choose a new leader. Eternia and the Caligar have been allies ever since, though, and the current King Ceratus is, while not related to Cerator, named after him.

    Nikolas of Zalesia
    When the Snake Men noticed his immense talent for magic, the young boy Nikolas was taken from his parents and adopted by Lord Hornhead, the cities ruler. Nikolas was treated well and taught magic by Hornhead himself. Hornhead even promised him that, if he did well, he might be transformed into a Snake Man himself.
    Nikolas, however, never forgave Hornhead for taking him from his parents. He saw how the other slaves were treated and he dreaded the idea to become a Snake Man.
    When Nikolas heard about a successful rebellion started by barbarian tribes, he decided to act. Using his master's own Havoc Staff he killed Lord Hornhead and started a slave revolt in the palace. The revolt spread through the whole city and after a week, Nikolas was crowned king of a free Zalesia.
    Using powerful magic and the Zalesian's knowledge of both the city and the surrounding jungle, Nikolas held Zalesia until the battle at Castle Grayskull. While King Hiss personally led most of his forces against D'Vann's new fortress, Nikolas used the distraction to conquer several Snake Man strongholds around Zalesia and free dozens of villages of humans, beast people and lizard people.
    After that, Hiss was willing to negotiate. At the negotiations, Nikolas of Zalesia and D'Vann of Grayskull met for the first time.
    Hiss finally agreed to recognize the freed territories as independent countries and end the war but had a list of conditions. Among them was a line of three towers connecting Castle Grayskull, the fortress that somehow had resisted Hiss' most devastating spells, and Snake Mountain, Hiss' own seat of power that was actually the stone body of Serpos.
    Nikolas was involved in the construction of Grayskull Tower and Central Tower and during this time was a member of the Council of Elders. He worked with fellow mages Tyn-Mah, Eldor, He-Ro and Veena as well as Keclar, whom he had brought from Zalesia. He also fought in the dragon war and personally saved Aquarus from a surprise attack by an amphibious dragon.
    He became friends with most of the other leaders but fell in love with Veena who was more interested in D'Vann. When the Three Towers were complete, Central Tower, where the powers of Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain met, became a strange place of powerful magic and all sides decided not to use it in any way.
    When Veena married D'Vann, however, Nikolas became unsure about his future. He broke into Central Tower and used it to see what destiny would hold for him. The first thing he saw was D'Vann Grayskulls funeral, attended by a still young Veena. Trying to see a context, his vision was interrupted by a hooded figure that attacked him with his own Havoc Staff. Fighting back with the staff he still had in his hands, Nikolas managed to blow off the hood and see that the figure had no face. Paralyzed with fear, only for a short moment, he couldn't dodge the next blast. After a last vision of the future, he fell down unconscious.
    When he woke up, he found himself in He-Ro's chamber. The wizard had sensed the disturbance in the towers and found Nikolas. To protect the peace, was willing to keep quiet about Nikolas' breach of rules, but word got out anyway and King Hiss demanded Nikolas to be punished.
    Nikolas willingly let himself be cursed to be imprisoned in his palace in Zalesia to avoid another war. Hiss, however, wasn't content with that and used a ritual to change the climate around Zalesia, turning the jungle into a desert. Not used to living under those conditions, the Zalesians had to leave their city and leave their king behind.
    Nikolas is still there. He figured out that Central Tower had given him the ability to manipulate time, have less time go by inside the palace than outside. This way, he stayed alive for centuries, not out of fear of death, but because he knew that there would one day be more to his life than imprisonment. He still clings to his last vision, the promise of a better future. His daughter.

    Hec-tor Kur was born on Horde World as the second son of Seferus Kur, the ruler of the Horde Empire. Knowing that he would never rule the empire as long as his brother Anillis was alive, Hec-tor opted for a career in military to one day conquer his own turf among the stars. During this time, he also studied the Horde's past and the adventures of his ancestor (or so he believed) Hasper Tan, the original founder of the Horde, a bat-faced warrior king who called himself Hordak.
    After gaining a high enough rank, he used his resources to develop a magical contraption that could merge him with the holy animal of Horokoth, the Horde Bat.
    The process worked, making him look similar to the ancient depictions of Hasper Tan. Hec-tor started to call himself Hordak and collect a group of ferocious warriors as his personal Evil Horde.
    Now all he needed was a planet to conquer. His underling Demo-Man, who was of course none other than Uqquz Zekul-Mshqx, suggested searching for a planet in uncharted territories at the center of the universe. Hordak liked that idea.
    The travel took years (with most of the time spend in stasis), because no laser gate was established at the center of the universe yet, but what Hordak found was worth the trouble. A star system with several planets. Seemingly, the planets were orbiting a yellow star, but actually, one of the planets was completely stationary at the exact center of the universe while the star was moving.
    Intrigued by this mystery, Hordak had his ship land on the planet Eternia only to find that someone had beaten him to his goal – the planet was already under the control of the Snake Men.
    Not giving up that easily, Hordak flew an attack against Snake Mountain, only to be hit by a powerful spell cast by several Snake Man mages that stopped the engines of his ship and forced him to crash-land.
    Now stuck on Eternia, Hordak started to conquer. He freed villages, took fortresses, gained more followers. He dismantled what was left of his ship and build a new headquarter inside a cave that he called the Fright Zone. After freeing it from the Snake Men, a giant snake became the caves loyal guardian.
    After learning about D'Vann and his Alliance of the Free People, Hordak decided to join and, at the right moment, take over. He and D'Vann fought the Snake Men side by side and Hordak was also present during the negotiations with King Hiss. Since he preferred to conquer the whole planet, he tried to have Hiss assassinated during the negotiations but failed and had to cover his attempt up.
    When D'Vann became the leader of the new free land instead of him, Hordak decided to wait for a new chance to disturb the peace.
    When his spy Mantenna reported that Nikolas of Zalesia had used his the magic of Central Tower, Hordak saw his chance. He made sure word would reach King Hiss and awaited the consequences.
    At first, the Alliance could keep the peace, but the refugees from Zalesia harbored an understandable grudge against the Snake Men and they weren't the only ones. Hordak used that and steered the Alliance back into the war.
    Again, Hordak fought side on side with Grayskull. At the First War at Ultimate Battleground, he took the Snake Man generals Rattlor and Tung Lashor as prisoners. He also took part in the attack on Snake Mountain and was present when the time-traveling Cosmic Enforcer Zodak banished Hiss and his army to the void. Hordak had his wizards analyze the spell for later use.
    Now that the Snake Men weren't much of a problem anymore, D'Vann was crowned king of the new land called Eternia. Hordak tried to rally the population against Grayskull, but with no success.
    When the Snake Man generals Rattlor and Tung Lashor, who believed King Hssss to be dead, pledged their allegiance to Hordak, they also told him a few secrets about the planet's magic that the Snake Men had uncovered.
    Based on that, Hordak made a plan and had his mages create the Triad of Discidium, a contraption that would increase the power of a rather basic spell, the Spell of Separation, enough to threaten the whole planet.
    When the triad was ready, Hordak tried to force Grayskull to abdicate the throne to him. When Grayskull didn't believe that Hordak could actually cause that much damage, Hordak cast the Spell of Separation. First it only seemed to create an earthquake, but only seconds later, the whole continent Preternia broke into several landmasses that drifted into different directions. Hordak tried to stop the spell, but couldn't. The only solution would have been to destroy the Triad of Discidium, but without it, he could not threaten Grayskull anymore. So Hordak waited, but when a giant rift grew around the whole planet, deepening in rapid speed and threatening to take the whole thing apart, he destroyed the triad and stopped the spell.
    While the result was not what he had intended, Hordak had sown chaos and destruction. Grayskulls forces were scattered, while Hordak had his Evil Horde, including some of Rattlor's and Tung Lashor's Snake Men, with him. Hordak moved towards Castle Grayskull.
    After a short siege, an open battle between the Evil Horde and King Grayskull's heroic warriors ensued. Hoping to get rid of most Heroic Warriors at once, Hordak hat one of his mages cast the spell of banishment. Grayskull, however, deflected the spell with the Sword of Power and most of the Horde were banished instead and ended up in a small pocket dimension that they would call Despondos.
    Hordak found that in different parts of Despondos, time flows differently, and decided to spend most time where it flows slowly while waiting for someone to find a way out. At the same time, Hordak still had loyal followers on Eternia and the Horde stayed around for a while, changing, over time, into the Cult of Hordak.
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    Beast Lord
    A shaman of the beast people with the ability to influence the minds of animals, the beast man who would be known as Beast Lord belonged to one of the free tribes roaming the Vine Jungle.
    The jungle was ruled by the Snake Men at this time and since attacking them or their human vassals always led to retaliation and often enslavement, the beast people tribes tended to fight among themselves over the sparse resources that the Snake Men left them.
    The shaman saw that sooner or later that would be their end, but the chief wouldn't listen, so he killed the chief in a duel and took over the tribe. He met other tribes, dueled many chiefs who wouldn't follow him and finally united the tribes of the Vine Jungle and became known as the Beast Lord. With this power, he stroke out against the Snake Men, plundering their warehouses and freeing their slaves. Over time, the Vine Jungle became dangerous territory for the Snake Men where they would be hunted by Beast People and humans alike.
    When Beast Lord heard that there were others fighting the Snake Men, he decided to help those, too. He left the Vine Jungle in the hands of the gorilla chief Gorgor, one of the few who followed him willingly in the early days of his campaign and traveled north to meet with the famous Lord D'Vann of Grayskull.
    Being a leader as well as a warrior, Beast Lord became a member of both the Heroic Warriors and the Council of Elders. He fought in the First War at Ultimate Battlegrund, including the attack on Snake Mountain, was part of the search for the Sky Throne and finally fought the Evil Horde at Castle Grayskull.
    Even after he was bound to the Orb of Power he sometimes left the Hall of Wisdom against the rules to protect Eternia from the Fighting Foe Men and other plunderers. Finally, however, he found his strength leaving him outside the hall and he reluctantly accepted that he was to old to fight. Today he is one of the spirits of the council, waiting for freedom.
    Beast Lord had several wives during his time as ruler of the Vine Jungle and a lot of children. Today, the number of his descendants is in the hundreds and some of them are shamans as powerful as he was.

    Ro was born on Horde World in the last year of Seferus Kur's rule. In his youth, he joined a resistance group that was fighting the tyrannical rule of Anillis Kur, son of Seferus. Like most of his group, Ro was caught and sent to prison.
    When Anillis Kur, Horde Prime, tried to become immortal using cybernetics, he tested new methods on prisoners. Ro was treated with experimental nanobots that formed several electronic parts all over his body and in his brain. As a result he became stronger and tougher but almost devoid of personality, so the nanobots were deemed a failure. Having no use for Ro, Horde Prime gave him to his brother Hordak.
    Hordak made Ro a warrior in his personal Evil Horde and took him with him when he sought for a new planet. On Eternia, Ro was wounded in battle and taken prisoner by the Snake Men. With his electronic parts damaged he could barely speak and his movement was clumsy. The Snake Men were interested in this technology, but the prison overseer Fang-or didn't get far at studying it, before the prison camp was liberated by D'Vann of the Skull Tribe.
    Using magic, Eldor freed Ro from the nanobots, giving him back his free will but not his memories. He was called Gray and became Eldor's assistant and student and over time one of D'Vann's closest friends.
    When he took the jeweled staff created by Ry'gus Allenar, he showed a great talent in using it and gained back some of his memory, including his name. Combining it with an old eternian rune that stood for “power”, he called himself He-Ro and joind D'Vann's personal warriors.
    When, a short time later, Hordak joins D'Vann, he Ro remembers having seen him before, but not more. Indeed Hordak admits that he might have accidentally brought the things that infected Ro (and later some other creatures) to Eternia, but denied knowing Ro personally.
    He-Ro fought at the battle of Grayskull against the Snake Men and in the following Dragon War.
    While he was working on the towers, more of his memories came back and he knew that he couldn't trust Hordak. During this time of piece, He-Ro was persuaded by D'Vann to lead the Council of Elders as a chairman.
    He-Ro was among the mages who imprisoned Nikolas of Zalesia in his palace when the latter had broken truce with the Snake Men. When shortly after, the jungle of Zalesia (and some surrounding land like the swamp where the Great Black Wizard used to have his lair), He-Ro wanted to look after Nikolas, but got lost in the changing landscape and had a weird adventure that included meeting a young warrior who also called himself He-Ro. More or less understanding what had happened to him, He-Ro named the newly created desert the Sands of Time.
    The peace ended and He-Ro had to fight the Snake Men again. During that time, he had a brief relationship with his fellow warrior Sharella before she was hit by a poisoned arrow and seemingly died.
    When Hordak demanded to become king of the new kingdom Eternia, Ro remembered more of his past and knew that Hordak could never be allowed to rule. And that, when he left after being denied the throne, Hordak would no doubt come back.
    After that He-Ro took part in the search for the Sky Throne and together with Sir Laser-Lot found a mysterious red skull that looked similar to Hordak. When it ended up in Central Tower and came in contact with Laser-Lot's sword, the skull and the knight just vanished.
    He-Ro fought the Evil Horde at Castle Grayskull and witnessed King Grayskull's death. Since Veena was guarding the power of Grayskull and her daughter was not even born, let alone old enough to take the throne, He-Ro, as the chairman of the Council of Elders, was basically the ruler of Eternia. As such, he didn't have his life bound to the Orb of Power with the rest of the council but lived in Castle Grayskull. He had a relationship with Saryn, a member of the staff of Adi, who represented the Gar in the council, and fought remaining Snake Men and followers of Hordak as well as plunderers like the Fighting Foe Men. During this time, he met Vikor, a warrior from the north who joined the Heroic Warriors. Together, they overcame the Fighting Foe Men and imprisoned their leaders.
    In the following years He-Ro and the council ruled Eternia while Vikor led the Heroic Warriors to defend it. The council decided to put all the dangerous Horde technology under government control and the former Fighting Foe Man Dawg-O-Tor, who had by now proven his loyalty to Eternia, became the first Man at Arms, who guarded and used the technology for the best of the kingdom.
    More fighting Foe Men were rehabilitated later and He-Ro fell in love with Sherrilyn. They were married and had two sons. Living a quieter live now, He-Ro agreed to be bound to the Orb of Power. That did not save him, though, when his former lover Saryn cut his throat with a shape shifting jewel broken off from He-Ro's own staff, which not only killed him but also cut his connection to the orb.

    The old Gar sage immediately joined the rebellion in Anwat Gar when it started. Respected as he was, he became one of the leaders and was among those who negotiated for peace with King Hiss.
    After Anwat Gar was free, he send ambassadors to Castle Grayskull. After the Three Towers were completed, he came to Grayskull himself and joined the Council of Elders to represent the Gar who had joined D'Vann Grayskull and were part of his new realm. Adi did not personally fight in the next war with the Snake Men, but prepared for the following peace and the negotiations with the surviving Snake Men afterwards. He was also the only one who knew that the mysterious Gar priest Sy-Klone who came to Grayskulls aid together with the Cosmic Enforcers (and gave the counsel to not attack Viper Tower after having secured Grayskull Tower and Central Tower, but make an unexpected attack on Snake Mountain itself instead), was not a priest of Anwat Gar, or at least not a present one. When Hordak left the council, Adi pleaded with him to stay and protect the newfound peace, but to no avail.
    After the death of King Grayskull and the binding to the Orb of Power, Adi changed in strange ways. He became secretive, manipulative and often left the rest of the council to speak to his own staff in secret.
    Finally, he made his move, when he had his staff kill He-Ro and nearly Veena and her daughter, too. After his coup failed, he had to flee, but the damage was done. The humans of Eternia had lost trust in the Gar and most of them left and returned to Anwat Gar, where they, in turn, turned the mood against Eternia. Another Gar council member had Veena cut his connection to the orb and returned to Anwat Gar to avoid a war. Still, the relationship between Anwat Gar and Eternia had gone sour.
    Adi and his surviving accomplices, among them Saryn, joined with Adi's accomplice, the Snake Man created monstrosity Terroar and his gang of surviving Snake Man soldiers at Point Dread, the former headquarter of the Fighting Foe Men.
    Years later, Grayskull's daughter and Vikor found Adi in his hideout. In the ensuing fight, he took off first his face, then all the skin off his upper body, revealing a mass of snakes. He claimed to be King Hssss' spirit, coming from the future to conquer the past and put an end to Grayskull's line before it is to late. When she noticed that he tried to protect a big red Skull resembling Hordak, Grayskull's daughter destroyed it. Hiss vanished and what was left of Adi fell to the floor, dead.
    Adi's spirit never appeared in the Hall of Wisdom and it is unknown what possession by King Hiss ultimately did to the soul of the wise Gar.

    Keclar the Wise
    Humbled by his experience with the Wizards of Good, Keclar returned to Zalesia, where he studied magic in secret. When the rebellion started there, he helped free Zalesia from the Snake Men. After it was done, the people made Nikolas, who had started the rebellion by killing the Snake Man Lord Hornhead, the new king of Zalesia. Keclar, himself the highest ranking zalesian noble left, accepted the commoner as his king and became his advisor. He accompanied Nikolas to the negotiations with King Hiss and to the new free land of Grayskull and sometimes was his replacement in Zalesia or Grayskull when Nikolas was in the respective other place.
    When Nikolas was imprisoned in his palace, Keclar joined him, but had to leave and lead his people to safety when the jungle became a desert. He led them through the Sands of Time and saw strange things. Finally, they settled down in the young city of Eternos.
    Representing the people of Zalesia in place of Nikolas, Keclar joined the Council of Elders. After King Grayskull's death, he was bound to the Orb of Power.
    During the rule of Queen Xerxa, Keclar caught his fellow Elder Tyn-Mah creating a sword that could cut someones ties to the Orb of Power. After Tyn-Mah had admitted that he had planned to kill the council, Keclar decided that banishment was the best way to punish him. Keclar was made the chairman of the Council of Elders, a position vacant since the death of He-Ro.
    When Tyn-Mah returned to fulfill his old plan, it was again Keclar who confronted him. When Tyn-Mah broke most spells Keclar used against him, Keclar finally cast the banishing spell he had studied since he had witnessed Hordak's banishment. The spell send Tyn-Mah and his sword to Hyperspace, saving Keclar's life.
    Keclar remained the chairman of the Council of Elders. He was the one who sanctioned the use of the Creeping Horak against Queen Iandir and decided that a war was the only way to deal with the plundering orcs, but he also forged the alliance between Eternia and the Andreenids and negotiated the peace with Dyperia.

    Mother Tetsudo
    When trying to create armored Snake Men, Lord Gr'Asp used different eternian turtles and tortoises. The resulting child, however, turned out to lack any kind of warrior's instinct, so he gave up on that, creating the Karikoni instead. Tetsudo grew up as a civilian and while she was peaceful, she was far from helpless as she could retreat into her shell. Over more than a century, she grew into a respected figure in the civilian Snake Men community, especially caring for children and earning the name of Mother Tetsudo (though she also had several children of her own). After King Hssss and many of the other lords had been banished or killed in the war, the surviving Snake Men sought her help. She could do nothing but pray to the Snake Men's gods, like Serpos or the Unnamed One, but none of them answered her. Instead, the Snake Goddess appeared before the gathered Snake Men and told them that there time had not yet come and that she would show them a place where they would live until the world would be theirs. Not wanting to hide, Mother Tetsudo decided to go to Castle Grayskull itself instead to ask for peace. Grayskull and the Council of Elders agreed to leave the Snake Men alone as long as they didn't cause further trouble, but most of the people of Preternia were less forgiving. While a few stayed around, most Snake Men followed the Snake Goddess to their new home underground. Mother Tetsudo, having an easier time being accepted because she didn't look like a Snake Man, became a member of the Council of Elders. She was disappointed, when many former Snake Men soldiers sided with Hordak after he betrayed the Alliance and when even after Hordak's banishment, they formed gangs and caused trouble. When Grayskull's daughter and Vikor defeated King Hiss' spirit and the Diabolical Snakes became aimless, Mother Tetsudo sought them out to lead them on a better path. She had her connection to the Orb of Power severed and lead the ones who would follow her to the Cold Zone where the others had already built the city of Jatoria. She found that one of her sons had become king of this city and became his adviser. Her family still rules the Reptons to this day, even though their turtle traits have mostly been lost over the generations.

    Of course there were more. Many more human leaders who had joined D'Vann became members of the council and there were also two more Gar who had come with Adi. But most of them didn't do anything of consequence. Still, it is possible that I add some of them, when I have a good story going with that.
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    It would have been good if you write a story using all these characters, Capeträger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neophron View Post
    It would have been good if you write a story using all these characters, Capeträger.
    I'm not sure if they fit all into one story. But, yeah, I should write one. My main problem is the language, you might notice some rather awkward wording even in these short texts.

    Also, I corrected some typos in Hordak's part. Most are insignificant but one is important - it was Zodak, not Zodac, who banished the Snake Men to the Void.

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    I added one more member to the council.

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