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Thread: Ultimate Princess of Power figures

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    Ultimate Princess of Power figures

    Has there been any word if there will be any Princess of Power Ultimate figures?

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    I’d be happy to get an Ultimate Frosta...
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    I would really like to have these, with some vintage-toy-accurate accessory add-ons to spruce them up. Maybe some new heads? New colors would be great, too, maybe for more vintage toy accuracy. If they did that, I'd want them to be very conscious of the neck pegs being backward-compatible.

    I feel like what I received from Matty was almost entirely Filmation-inspired, and I wasn't a big fan of what we got. I know others may disagree, but a lot of those figures felt very phoned-in in terms of design and the granny panty issues. Mermista and NA She-Ra were exceptions. It's cracking me up, actually, that folks are now annoyed about Hawke's lack of detail in Classics when it's an issue that very much plagued the POP faction since the beginning. When there was more tooling on Saurod's right arm than the entirety of the Glimmer figure...yeah. Would like the ladies to get some design love!

    I'm happy that S7 has redesigned the female buck with the chest-swivel rather than the waist-swivel. It would be really interesting to see if they would implement that with POP ultimates and what they'd do to correct the granny panties. I'd be all for seeing some updates!

    I would pre-order these, definitely. But I'd want to see a lot of add-ons as a nod to the vintage-toy fans. Filmation fans wouldn't have to use the add-ons, but I'd like for S7 to throw us a bone on that.

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    What the man above said. I'm still waiting for better interpretations of She-Ra, Catra, Frosta, the Star Sisters, Double Trouble... even if it's just improved, sturdier joints. I'd say in the QC department, about half of the PoP Classics figures that I have in my collection are trash.

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    Yeah, Ultimate She-Ra, Frosta, Angella, Glimmer, and Catra (with the toy costumes) would be killer.
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    I’d like to see POP revisited in filmation Ckub Grayskull. Need a nicer Frosta. mermista with pants Perfuma on a smaller buck. Entrapta. Shadow weaver brighter pink with styrax. Glimmer With a better head especially eyes. Catra with a better cape and maybe leaner buck and blue hair

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    I thought the message was that the Ultimates were a one-time-only thing.
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    They don't have access to the old molds or old factory anymore.

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