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Thread: Should He-Man and Skeletor be Reissued Frequently for New Collectors?

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    Should He-Man and Skeletor be Reissued Frequently for New Collectors?

    Should the standard outfit He-Man and Skeletor figures be frequently released?

    I really want both the CC and CG lines to go as long as possible. For new collectors though, the lines would be hard to jump into without having the main characters easily attainable. The prices for the standard outfit He-Man and Skeletor are rather high on Ebay. Especially for Skeletor. Even the recent Ultimate and Filmation versions are priced exorbitantly high. I personally think someone getting interested in the line will quickly lose their appetite for motu if they can't easily get ahold of the two main characters. I also don't think the variants of the leader figures hold the same appeal. I suspect someone who hasn't jumped into the line already wouldn't be as attracted to Thunder Punch He-Man as they would the standard He-Man look. There was an attempt a few years ago on Mattycollector to keep the most popular characters available but I don't know if that helped bring in new collectors. Maybe it did? Someone here might know if it helped. I also think keeping other characters (in their standard outfits) readily available probably makes a difference. If I grew up loving Teela and can find her figure then that may get me interested enough to take a chance on a figure like Lodar.

    Anyway, what do you think? Should Super 7 make He-Man, Skeletor, and maybe some of the other main characters frequently available?
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