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Thread: FS: MOTU 25mm Grenadier/Pinnacle Products Paint & Play miniatures sets

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    FS: MOTU 25mm Grenadier/Pinnacle Products Paint & Play miniatures sets

    I've decided to let go of my rather large collection of the 25mm MOTU miniatures from the 1980s. These were painstakingly collected over many years and are, to my knowledge, the largest collection of these models in Europe (Belgium). I thought this would be the best place to offer them up.

    I'll llist a price suggestion under each set, though I'm open to offers of course and will also consider trades for MOTUC Filmation figures.

    1. Battle Cat Attack - Set 1
    Complete - Box condition good - No broken figures
    Suggested price: 100 or best offer

    2. Battle Cat Attack - Set 2 - SOLD

    3. Battle Cat Attack - Set 3 - SOLD

    4. Battle Ram Attack Force - Only set - SOLD

    5. The Raid of He-Man - Only set
    Incomplete - Box condition bad - No plastic painttray - Teela is missing top of staff and Stratos has a broken leg - Extra alternate Stratos pose added for compensation
    Suggested price: 85 or best offer

    6. Wind Raider Ambush - Set 1 - SOLD

    7. Wind Raider Ambush - Set 2 - SOLD
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