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Thread: Custom Character - Horde Apprentice Skeletor AKA Blood Skeletor

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    Custom Character - Horde Apprentice Skeletor AKA Blood Skeletor

    Horde Apprentice Skeletor AKA Blood Skeletor – Evil Apprentice of Hordak
    Real Name: Keldor of the House of Miro
    After Hordak merged his apprentice Keldor with the extra-dimensional being Demo-Man from Despondos to create Skeletor, Skeletor continued to serve Hordak as his apprentice continuing to learn the dark magics of the Evil Horde. Much of his training during this time involved intense sessions of mental & spiritual focus that would cause Skeletor to bleed from his skull. Add to that the daily sparring matches with Grizzlor and Leech where their goal was to use his head as their personal punching bag lead to his skull taking on a constant crimson hue. After he “finished his apprenticeship,” and formed his own faction of Evil Warriors his bloody complexion faded and his missing teeth re-grew themselves.
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    Nice especially like the bio

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