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Thread: She-Ra and Evil Horde Keshi (MUSCLE) Figures Debut at SDCC 2018 Hordak's Lair

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    I have gotten all the muscle figures so far but I was going to pass on these, simply because of the blind boxes. They look so great in Dan’ review so I went ahead and ordered some.
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    I want these but I can't afford a case for space and money reasons. I am hoping for 1 of the can sets because I only want 1 of each mold. Don't really care what colors I get as long as I get 1 of each character.
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    I got a couple of these last week with another order. They're not bad actually, got the following:-

    Mantenna (Black)
    Horde Trooper (Blue)
    Catra (Light Blue)
    Angella (Pink)
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    Want them, but I want them to match the other ones I have (Pink flesh color 3 packs)

    So I'm going to pass until they make them this color, or just not get them.

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    Really wish these were MOTUMUSCLE releases so I could add to my collection and play with them......

    $96 + $96 is a no go...

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    These are way to expensive for what they are and why would you not offer these in a set with flesh color. Whose making these decisions?

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    Great to see these are being released in trash can slime green for Power-Con but personally I'm still holing out for the traditional MUSCLE flesh colour to match the rest of my collection.
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    Which characters will be in the trash can--both the Horde and POP sets?

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