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Thread: Legends of Grayskull RPG

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    Legends of Grayskull RPG

    Coming sometime in 2021. You can sign-up for e-mails at and they will be opening up the game for playtesting sometime soon.

    Demo game presentation from Power-Con with Felicia Day, Tiffany Smith, Phil Lamarr and two of the game's designers:

    Q&A session with the game designers:

    So, has anyone played any games using the Cortex System?

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    I'm actually one of the winners of the Legends Of Grayskull RPG Guide Book! I can't wait to receive it in the mail!
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    So with the player characters all able to have the Power of Grayskull, does that not make the rolls really easy to achieve? I would think it would make the charters over powerful and very similar (if not the same) in skill sets.

    Any details on the Legends Of Grayskull RPG Guide Book yet, is it just game mechanics or is it an in universe source book as well?
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    So would this be in competition with the CMON set coming that will have minatures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
    So would this be in competition with the CMON set coming that will have minatures?
    IMO, no. They will compliment each other well. This is a RPG... no figures needed. CMON is releasing a board game chock full of minis. Assuming the CMON game is 28mm, their minis will work great in the Legends of Greyskull RPG as well if the players want to use minis.
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    i even came up with a character for it.



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