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Thread: Los Amos 2018 figures from Super7 (ReAction and vintage 5.75)

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    Los Amos 2018 figures from Super7 (ReAction and vintage 5.75)

    Debuting at Unboxing Convention in Mexico this August 4th & 5th will be the Los Amos packaged variants of their He-Man and Skeletor 5.75 inch figures, as well as Los Amos variants of their ReAction Mer-Man and Skeletor that are pictured in color errors found inside of a Los Amos minicomic.

    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2020!
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    The 5.5 blister has “Incluye historieta de los Amos del Universo” written under the window, which translates as “MOTU comic included”. Is it true? Do they come with a minicomic?

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    Very cool!
    Coming straight out of Preternia, tribal chieftess and the original WARRIOR GODDESS, SHARELLA!!!

    Sharella needs her day in Classics. She is the only remaining vintage POG character that needs a figure.
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    My top 5 wants for MOTUC: Sharella, Hunga the Harpy, Sagitar, Snake Goddess & Red Beast

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    My wallet says I shouldn't want these, but the rest of me says yes yes yes!
    I haven't been opening the few ReAction figures I've bought, because I love how it all comes together as one package with the art and everything- so I've been trying to carefully curate a wall of these hung up in my room. Outside of a few choice characters, oddball variants like this are exactly what I'm going for!
    Those Los Amos He-Man & Skeletor look great in those packages. If I can I'd like to get my hands on those to display MIB too, that'd be a treat.
    I love what Super7 is doing with the license when it comes to stuff like this!

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    Will these be offered any where besides the convention in Mexico?
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    I want those ReActions!!!

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