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Thread: Super7 Supercast Episode 11

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    Super7 Supercast Episode 11

    Brian Flynn from Super7 is here to give you updates on the current state of all things Masters of the Universe. This video covers updates different brands and products from Super7.But for MOTU fans, we get updates for:
    • t-shirt exclusives - 3:30
    • laughing Prince Adam pre-order (ends this Sunday, July 22nd) - 4:08
    • MOTU ReAction 2-pack She-ra and Hordak - 5:04
    • MOTU Keshi surprise - 5:25
    • Skeletor plaid shirt - 6:15
    • Hordak print - 6:54

    **yes, this video does seem to be posted late. But since they just posted it, I'm still sharing it.
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    Oops, a little late on this one!
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    Love these videos!

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    omg Brian Flynn is a riot when they change out his voice I love his style and these Super7 Super cast videos
    So Glad Super7 has the Thundercats Lic. Looking forward to all they have to offer.

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    They really seem to have captured lightning in a bottle with the laughing Prince Adam figure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chuc98 View Post
    They really seem to have captured lightning in a bottle with the laughing Prince Adam figure!

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