Which anti-drug episode is more darker? i think both are quite dark in aspects and edgy for a weekday afternoon show despite Captain Planet was sunday afternoons! yes i did watched Captain Planet when i was 9/10/11 waiting for another show to come on but some episodes were edgy/dark like drug abuse, a family getting shot then an aftermath with blood shown with the arm shown, AIDS, prejudice of HIV victims etc.

In both episodes of Bravestarr and Captain Planet
Link's cousin Boris and Jay which a teen and a 12 year old boy both die from overdoses
and i remembered feeling sad for both characters when i was a kid even their friends and relatives who grieved for them. The CP episode even had blood shown after Boris jumped through the window with his arms bleeding.

And who thinks both Verminus Scum and Dealer are both lowlifes even dealing drugs to minors?

Both episodes don't go to the preach "drugs are bad m'kay" like Cartoon All Stars to the rescue but have the guts to show consquences showing not everything in story has a happy ending.