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Thread: Power-Con 2018 exclusive CG Dree Elle & Uncle Montork Super7 - discussion & reviews

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    Power-Con 2018 exclusive CG Dree Elle & Uncle Montork Super7 - discussion & reviews

    Pixel Dan is back with a new review. This time he takes a look at the Power-Con exclusive MOTU Classics Club Grayskull Dree Elle & Uncle Montork from Super7!
    Check out his review below.
    And for those of you who have yours in-hand from Power-Con, what did you think of Dree Elle & Uncle Montork? Post your comments and reviews here.

    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2020!
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    Saw the vid when it first went up (spelling fail, Dan, Dree has two "e"s in it!). Solid review, though it glosses over some of the finer points, and misses a few others.

    Disclaimer: The following is my opinion, nothing more, nothing less. Granted, the majority will never read this anyway, so meh. Whatever.

    First, the good: For such tiny figures, the Four Horsemen knocked it out of the park with these! Their sculpts are spot-on, mirroring their animated appearances perfectly. Standing them next to the 2010 Orko, the differences are obvious, if not immediately so. While appearing at first glance to reuse Orko's buck, there was an ever-so-subtle tweak given to Dree's to give her her figure (insomuch as a female Trollan has one, anyway). Dree's ears and hands are finer, more delicate, in keeping with her animated appearance. The upper portions of the sculpts are head and shoulders (ha!) above Orko's; the eyes are larger, taking up more of the negative space, and if you look closely, you can see that their ear holes are actually sculpted into their hats (whereas Orko has none, and his smaller, more wedge-shaped ears just ride atop his). The colors are cel-accurate, and none of my three sets exhibited paint slop of any stripe (take that, Orko!).

    Now, the not-so-good: The plastic quality is par for the course for a Super7 release, that is to say, shiny, quite rigid and brittle-feeling. All of their joints were quite stiff out of the box, and I was more than a little afraid of breaking their arms (thankfully, that didn't happen!). Dree's body piece was without flaw, but all three of my Montorks exhibited small flaws on their right sides along the seam, near the bottom of the figure (one of them actually had a small hole in his side!). The biggest difference between the 2010 Orko and 2018's Trollans comes when you flip them over and look at their undersides. Mattel's softer, more pliable plastic allowed them to engineer Orko so that he fit snugly atop his stand, but not so much that it would impede movement, or worse, break the stand. Super7's plastic, as stated, is harder, and the underside is a solid piece, with only a single hole, often too small to fit the stands without either heating or "hossing" (I did the latter). After trying to fit them with their own stands (which are silver, non-swiveling, and with a larger base to offset a somewhat more unbalanced - possibly heavier? - figure) and the 2010 stands, I'm deciding to just eschew the official stands altogether, and use Obitsu clear body stands instead. Less fuss, really. While the inclusion of wands was nice, I'm not really keen on either their design or color, so they get displayed with third-party fan-inspired wands instead (I'd have paid more for Yukkers as a pack-in instead... just saying).

    And finally, the REEEEE: My complaints about the choice of packaging are known (boy howdy, are they ever!), as is my dislike for the silver stands (and this might explain the spike in standless Orkos being sold on eBay as of late - others aren't so keen on them, either). I won't be going over any of that here, comb my post history if you're curious.

    Bottom line: Am I satisfied? Overall? YES. For what will likely be their first, last, and only appearance outside the TV series, they are everything I could have asked for. I'm not holding out hope that any more Trollans will ever be made, but as a swan song for the-Trolla-that-was, and a love letter to Trollan fans - the haze of happy nostalgia that they evoke is enough.
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