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Thread: Power-Con 2018 exclusive CG Chopper from Super7 - discussion and reviews

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    Power-Con 2018 exclusive CG Chopper from Super7 - discussion and reviews

    Pixel Dan is back with a new review. This time he takes a look at the Power-Con exclusive MOTU Classics Club Grayskull Chopper from Super7!
    Check out his review below.
    And for those of you who have yours in-hand from Power-Con, what did you think of Chopper? Post your comments and reviews here.

    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2020!
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    Love the chopper figure
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    please release accurate Filmation of-- , ram man, Leech, whiplash, entrapta , adora, moss man, buzz off, bow, frosta, catra, , webstor, count marzo, icer , mekaneck,Mermista, glimmer, Angela and perfuma.

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    Someone was offended because a cartoon character depicted with Asian features was sculpted with Asian features? People need to take their Prozac & change their diaper!
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    It's all about being polished when it counts!

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    was that sword in the cartoon?
    PoP Figures have to be based on the Vintage toys! This is NOT Filmation's Masters Of The Universe Classics MySpace Custom Blog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazer Force Zodac View Post
    was that sword in the cartoon?
    No and neither was Montorks or Dre-Elle's wands.

    Just some fun accessories sculpted by the Four Horsemen
    So Glad Super7 has the Thundercats Lic. Looking forward to all they have to offer.

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