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Thread: What do the KIDS in your life think of the new She-Ra?

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    Did you want a quote from the mouth of an innocent child .

    "Look daddy She is fatter than you . "
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokus View Post
    Did you want a quote from the mouth of an innocent child .

    "Look daddy She is fatter than you . "
    Just take it as a compliment!
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    I am not going to lie, my daughter told me she does not like Glimmer because she is chubby. She is six though and I explained that is not a very polite thing to say and you should not judge people by the way they look. She has since changed her opinion to 'Glimmer is annoying.' Always finding teachable moments
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    Quote Originally Posted by dorrmann View Post
    Adora absolutely adores the show. As a matter of fact, so do my
    Adora wants to make "review" videos of each episode. I think it'll be fun to do with her when we have the time.
    OMG you need to do this! And dress her up as Adora in the show when you do so!o

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ive definitely posted this elsewhere already... but my son Aedin, whos turning 4 in May, liked it a lot. But he does clearly gravitate more toward He-Man (he likes both 200x and the original).

    He loves running around with his foam sword, raising it up and saying I have the Power! (We worked on his pronounciation and its really sounding good! Obviously hes not a native English speaker).

    But I explained to him, after watching She-Ra, that Adora is He-Mans sister. And he really liked that. Since then weve watched some of the original episodes and the movie because he always says I want to watch He-Man and She-Ra. So then he insists on She-Ra having to be in the episode!

    But, long story short, he likes it. BUT, as a boy he still gravitates and identifies a lot more with He-Man. Hes blond too (for now) so that probably plays a role too...

    Morale of this story? I think Mattel need to get on putting a new He-Man show out there with a new toyline. He loves his vintage toys I bought him, but a new toyline paired with a new show would be a guaranteed hit with Aedin. Hes big in to Legos too, so perhaps a Mega Construx line aimed more at kids would be an idea too. I showed him the upcoming Castle Grayskull and he loved it, so... now I have an excuse to buy it

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    It will be interesting to one day find out.
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    I've heard nothing but positive feedback from my friends kids, several of them are already well into multiple viewings...
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    My 5 year old daughter seems to like it, although her preference seems to shift around quite a bit. Currently she seems to prefer the Filmation and 200x stuff more (as well as the 1987 movie, now) although she'll definitely go through a spell where she'll want to watch the new show more often here and there. There are episodes of it she'll watch over and over and then ones she'll just walk off in the middle of or skip.

    While she loves She-Ra, she definitely gravitates to the more comedic characters like Cringer, Orko, Kowl, Loo-Kee, Gwildor, and yes, Filmation Skeletor. I think she'd be more invested if there was more tie-in stuff. You know, like if she actually could buy a She-Ra that looks like the cartoon version.
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