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Thread: Catras catform Transformationen

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    Catras catform Transformationen

    Do you think she will Transform into a cat?
    It was in the old series.
    I hope so.

    She is wearing a mask. Maybe that is a special mask to Transform.

    Maybe she gets a new one from hordak?

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    Ok. So no, I dont expect her to. I actually love that she's a Cat person, so really I dont need her to. I like this better actually. I would have been quite satisfied for her to do the whole transformation thing but I do actually like this better.

    Now mind, if they do give her that power or reveal something like that down the road, that is super awesome. But I think this incarnation doesnt need it. If they do not, I'm super ok with that.

    Cat Girl is cool.

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    I'd rather her not. I like this "Thundercat" version of her better. That said, I wonder if the mask has any significance or powers.
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    Possibly. I could foresee an episode where Catra seeks to improve herself and Shadow Weaver or another magic user casts a spell which then allows Catra to "morph" between her regular humanoid feline form and a true, large and powerful feline form.

    Presumably, they will need to "power up" Catra at some point, otherwise it will get old seeing She-Ra continually and easily defeat her in battle.

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    Nah she's already part feline, part human. No need for a transformation IMO. The vintage toon needed the transformation since she went from all human to all feline.

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    Personally I think Cat Ra is going to be revealed as a catfolk "princess" and panther morph will be her super power . Cat Ra is pretty tough already literally as powerful as that original panther. Her transformation if any has to be something similar to BattleCat . Cat Ra is She Ra,s rival after all .

    Its possible since the black garnet seems connected to nobody , Entrapta might invent something to make it bond with Cat RA ?
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    I would be happy if Catra morphed into a panther, but since I love her anyway in the new series, I'm still satisfied.
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    We still don't know if her mask has any abilities. She very well could. Also, her eyes are blue and light orange...freeze fire. Maybe she will get new powers later?

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    It's not inconceivable she could find out she's actually the princess of a cat race who have a runestone for her to connect with which may give her a kitty form

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    Maybe if she hadn't skipped Force Captain Orientation, she'd already know she's a princess lol
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    I do think she will... but I don’t think that she will be a real Princess.

    The Magi-Cats will be shown on the show... one already appeared in silhouette during the Light Hope episode. And Dreamworks created a “What’s your POP name?” Thing... and among the name options was “Magi-Cats” (along with Granita and Enchanta)
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    I think she will:

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam_Prince of Eternia View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Krueger View Post
    Is Catra going to have the ability to turn into a giant cat?
    I think that is why she appears to be a feline humanoid with two differently colored eyes: it is an in-between state. She can be a human with blue eyes, a panther with yellow eyes, or something in-between with heterochromatic eyes like we see.

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    I honestly don't know ... Kowl being a pillow. Lookie being a reference. Until the final two episodes, Swift Wind being less of a talking cartoon stallion and just a reference. Broom being an actual broom. It seems that the first 13 episodes have taken the cartoonish and personification elements of the Filmation episode away.

    Honestly, though. I LOVE the Catra character the way she is, so it doesn't matter to me. She's -- dare I say it -- superior to the Filmation version.

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    She is like something out of Thundara
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