In the 12th Episode "Light Hope" she created a silhouette holograms circle of all the princesses for Adora to show their connection to each other and the Runestones.

Except Netossa.

She wasnīt shown in that circle but Spinnerella was. Both of their bios which were presented on twitter didnīt give them Runestones but in that circle Spinnerella seems to have one.

Scorpia was part of the circle and not Shadow Weaver. Entrapta was there two right beside Glimmers silhouette but Entrapta herself said she isnīt one of the princesses who has a Runestone connection. So it seems you donīt need that connection to be a princess.

I find all of that a little confusing and inconsistent.

BUT what really excited me was the fact that we saw five additional silhouettes. A bright yellow one. They only showed her legs and a frilly skirt between Entrapta and a bright magenta silhouette were we also only saw the legs. Beside her we could see an orange one with a tail similar to Catras and beside that one we saw a greenish/turquoise one with a robe. And on the other side between Scorpia and Castaspella was another orange/yellow one with horns!

So i really think the bright yellow one is Sweet Bee. The one with the tail could be the princess of the magicats and the turquoise one with the robe must be Peekablue her head was even shaped like the eyes on her feathers.

The magenta one could be Flutterina or someone completely else since we didnīt see much and the one with the horns is a new princess!

The Star Sisters werenīt included as well.

That section was fun to watch and gave me so much to think and look.