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Thread: Vintage Weapons Pak Ideas

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    Vintage Weapons Pak Ideas

    I was thinking a Vintage Weapons Pak would be fun and I thought I'd throw out some ideas for what it could include, running with the mostly Filmation themed vintage line.

    Sword of the Ancients (Filmation: "Masks of Power")
    Blackbeard's Cutlass.

    Power Sword Scabbard (Attaches onto He-Man's Harness)

    Deemos and Tyrella's Masks. (Filmation: "Masks of Power")

    Cosmic Key (Obviously the movie. But also featured prominently in minicomics and Marvel. Notable for its importance in "The Powers of Grayskull".)

    Shaping Staff (Filmation: "The Shaping Staff")
    Emerald Staff (Minicomic: "Siege of Avion")

    Lokus/Slotty Minifigure.
    Imp Minifigure.

    And what I imagine as the draw of the set:

    Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor Chestpieces with axes.

    These chestpieces are the most frequently used in licensing art and semi-frequently with Filmation-style character models. They're easily the second-most iconic vintage look.

    They're also a nice perk for the Filmation 5.5 He-Man and Skeletor owners who dislike how the harnesses fit...

    And, of course, vintage He-Man didn't come with an axe so this rectifies that.

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    I have no idea why doesn't the Vintage He-Man figure include a scabbard for his sword just like in the cartoon.
    But it would be good to include that accessory for the Filmation He-Man figures of today.
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    Here are a few I'd like right off the top of my head:

    -Alcala-style power sword

    -Skeletor's energy blade from the early Alcala minis

    -Skeletor's axe with the orb

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