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Thread: Help with Vintage Skeletor!

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    Help with Vintage Skeletor!

    Hi, i haven’t been to this site for ages! I have been fighting cancer and have started a Graphic Novel to take my mind off of the illness and treatments. Anyways I actually made 2 different series bibles for a MOTU Graphic Novel and a “Pilot” script for each version, my plan being to show off the two pilot issues andhavepoll to help me decide on which version to work on. Well I am doing the concept art and am working with Skeletor when I noticed that the vintage Skeletor ‘s belt is different from the belt shown on his cross Sell art. So I am asking for help with pics of his belt, specifically the bird like head on the front of the belt. And if someone could take a close pic of the bird head on the belt from the front and a profile pic of it from the left or right I would appreciate it immensely! Thanks in advance


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    Really? I didn't notice that there's a bird-like head on the vintage Skeletor figure's belt, MOTUComics.
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    Prominent bird on concept art:

    Stylized bird on cross sell art:

    Smaller bird on actual toy:

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