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And it's not about liking or disliking (sweeping away the paid noise, it stands at a pitiful 16% popularity), if I had presented this as part of my final year presentation, I would not have passed, it fails on pretty much every level!
I have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry.

Zentron, the additional rules for this forum were added for a reason. If you don't like something? That's fine! You are free to like or dislike whatever you want. But, if you are posting criticism, then it's also up to you to post constructive reasoning behind that criticism.

If you don't think they would do a good job writing a new He-Man cartoon (think being the operative word, as you do not know. none of us know), then you are free to say as such, but then you are to also add examples in a constructive format (not side, snarky, or rude remarks) to support your position.

Please be sure to do this moving forward for any more discussion here on the forums related to the new She-Ra cartoon.