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Thread: Eternos Palace playset support thread

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    Eternos Palace playset support thread

    I thought a support thread for the Eternos Palace already existed, but I couldn't find one.
    I've wanted the Eternos Palace as a playset ever since I was a child. I even made one of my infamous calls to Mattel about it. I think they thought I meant "Eternia" because the CS rep seemed surprised and replied, "Uh.. yes. But how did you know that?" when I asked about "the Eternia palace." lol.

    Anyway, a couple months back Stuart Taylor Cameron aka Catra's Wrath from MattyCollector took my challenge and did this awesome mockup of a Filmation-inspired Palace as it might look in Classics. :O I so want this!! Indeed, I want to LIVE in this!!

    After Snake Mountain, I'd like to see playsets released in this order:

    Eternos Palace
    Crystal Castle
    Fright Zone
    Slime Pit
    Eternia towers
    Whispering Woods
    Starship Eternia
    Snake Lair
    Castle Brightmoon

    Yes, I know these will probably never happen except for Snake Mountain, but a gal can dream, right?

    So which playsets would YOU buy in Classics??? Would you want Eternos Palace?

    PS - Can't WAIT for Snake Mountain!
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