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Thread: Horde Brain Concept/ Scalpt-or

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    Horde Brain Concept/ Scalpt-or

    So my original intent with this guy was to make the Horde Brain concept. I had a head already to go, but ended up using it for my brain wave custom, ordered another head from Karak Nul but he went under, so needed a new head, found one on plastic curves. I thought about why his brain was exposed and figured maybe some nefarious space pirate ended up scalping him in outer space and left him for dead, little did he know but exposing his brain to the atmosphere, caused him to go insane, and he was found by the Horde. They gave him a reason to live, for revenge, and he took what happened to him and used it as a calling card, to scalp all his victims, either with his hand or his machete. Recipe: Skeletor buck, arms,legs. Hordak boots, Tri-clops armor with horde symbol, stratos loin, Head and hand from Weapons are a machette from Karatti, and sword from Ares from DC BAF.

    horde brainman.jpg
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    Looks somewhat awesome to me.
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    nice job and interesting bio.

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