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Thread: Greetings from Appleton, Wisconsin

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    Greetings from Appleton, Wisconsin


    I grew up watching all the cool science-fantasy cartoons of the day back in the early 80s -- He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Blackstar, Thundarr the Barbarian, Thundercats, Dungeons & Dragons and the like.

    Also a big fan of sword & sorcery, fantasy, and science-fantasy books and comic books; and by "big fan" I mean I have more books and comic books than I have shelf space for them!

    Nowadays I am getting back into the classic MOTU cartoons; I also picked up the excellent MOTU mini-comic compilation; and hence stumbled on this website.

    I have not really collected much in the way of action figures in the past, though now that I have been getting back into the genre that is definitely in the works. I just need to find space among the already over-stuffed shelves!

    I am also into tabletop RPGs -- Dungeons & Dragons/Gamma World, Labyrinth Lord/Mutant Future, Castles & Crusades, Dungeon Crawl Classics/Mutant Crawl Classics, and a bunch of others more esoteric.

    I am currently working on a Labyrinth Lord/Mutant Future campaign setting in the classic style of MOTU and other science-fantasy cartoons; if it is allowed on this forum I'll post the materials I develop, or links back to my blog, however that works best here.

    Looking forward to delving into the world of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!

    James Mishler
    Scrybor the Robo-Scrivener

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    Hello there friend!

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    Hey man! Welcome aboard!

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    On behalf of's admin, staff, and moderators, allow me to extend an official Hello and welcome to, Scrybor!!

    We're glad to have you join our site and we hope you have a fun time discussing Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power here.

    Please be sure to read over the rules for posting and interacting on And if you have any questions, you are welcome to send me a PM for more information.

    If you want to buy and trade you will need to upgrade your account to have access to the Marketplace. Please click here and read the section entitled "What are the limitations for users with Gmail/AOL/Yahoo accounts?" for more information. For details on how the upgrading system works click here.

    Hello, James!! Cool introduction, you're in good company here with many fans of similar interests!! We have the best He-Fans and She-Ravers around and as always, we have great ongoing MOTU and POP discussions, so feel free to join in the conversation!!

    Enjoy your time here and welcome!!
    "Oh Lord, Bless this M&M... and the mighty cockroach I slain in battle to get it." - Al Bundy

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    Thanks for the welcome!

    There is so much cool stuff on the forums, hard to know where to begin...

    Iron_Pride, representing for Team Wisconsin!

    Dorrmann, thank you for the welcome!

    Dedset13, thank you for the guidelines!

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    Welcome to the forums. Always cool to see another Wisconsinite!

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    Welcome to the forums!
    I remember my days of playing D&D fondly. Good times!
    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2020!
    JVS3 = Val Staples = Power-Con, Event Director | He-Man.Org, Owner | Guy who has been fortunate to work on a LOT of MOTU & POP projects
    Please check out my Facebook page

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    Welcome to the .org, it's always great to have new members aboard! Have fun spending your time here on the boards and enjoy posting on the forums! Feel free joining the conversation and stay tuned contributing to the community discussing on all about MotU!

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    Also in Wisconsin ( Milwaukee )

    Just saying hello to others from the state. I visit Appleton a few times a year

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