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Thread: Kittrina: Should she have been released in CC or CG first?

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    of course I would had rather had her released in CC, which based on everything come before was the likely choice.

    That being said (and that being my vote) I am actually kinda glad she is in Grayskull since A) she fits in the line and B) it "opens" another spot in CC. So a figure I actually must have in Grayskull, and another figure I'm likely to want in CC.

    Now all I have to do is decide do I want to buy her, Modulok, and maybe (probably) Shadow Weaver from BBTS or try to find someone to add 'em to their CG pre-order and if it'd be cheaper (after shipping) than just getting 'em from BBTS.

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    I don't really care where she is released first. There are lots of other characters that can come in CC before her and I'm fine with CG collectors already getting her.
    Only, that doesn't seem to be the question anymore. Super7 explicitly said that for some more obscure characters, there will only be one version. And Kittrina seems to be one of those.
    So, they are, for the first time, saying, that some character will never be in CC, despite being legally available. Never. That kinda ****** me off. Not enough to write an angry letter or anything, it's not like they owe me a Kittrina figure. But enough to complain here.

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    It's simply a shame. She is not a character I would jump through hoops to get, so I probably really don't have a dog (cat?) in this fight.

    If she had been done "Classics Style", which, of course IS contrary to her actual singular appearance in the cartoon, I would have been pleased to get her in whatever Wave she happened to show up in. But I have no intention in getting 5 other figures I already have over again just to get her in a style that doesn't really jibe with the hundreds (:^D!!) of figures already in my vast collection. So, she'll just be a character that I will most likely never have.

    I really doubt that Super 7 will lament losing the sale of a single action figure, but that is the decision I have made, based on the decision that they have made. It is what it is. :^/
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Timeless One View Post
    Once again, the truth has been spoken, and so I must QFT.

    Kittrina should have been in CC and Classicized. So it goes for all forthcoming characters, Filmation-in-origin or not. Case closed, in my book.
    Yes to all of this. I wanted Goat-Man as a child before I wanted Shadow Weaver so it's disappointing as an adult collector, who has made an investment in this line, that a character whom I have waited for to fit in with the rest (Carnivus) is being released as an spin-off.

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