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Thread: Timeline pt 2 Age of Sorrow to The rise of He-man, enjoy and comment

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    Timeline pt 2 Age of Sorrow to The rise of He-man, enjoy and comment

    Earlier i posted a timeline of Eternia, using the Classics as a base. This is part two taking us through the Age of Sorrow up to the rise of Prince Adam as He-man. It's not perfect but it's my effort it combine multiple canons including the Classic bios, Masters Monday bios, the various cartoons, comics and books.
    Enjoy and comment. Part 3 will be along shortly and including the masters of the universe up to the rise of the snake men.
    If you're wondering where the dates come from, it's based on when the filmation show aired in the UK, cos that's where i'm from.



    The Gar start to terrorise Eternia
    Shokoti, the great Gar witch, is the most powerful Sorceress in the dark hemisphere
    Shokoti uses the pool of shadows to pull Sh’goras darklings to Eternia
    Shokoti plans to cover Eternia in darkness but the Gar betray her and bury her and her beast in the House of Darkness
    Lord Masque begins to search for the Amulet of Avarice to resurrect Shokoti

    Blubbor becomes the palace executioner

    Morgoth comes to Eternia
    Veena loses her staff in a battle against the wizard Morgoth

    Veena, the Sorceress of Grayskull passes her power and responsibility to Kodak Ungol

    The ancient wizard Ramlin creates the dagger of agony to murder the new Sorceress
    Vykron, descendant of Vikor, stops Ramlin

    The Sorceress discovers the ancient Staff of power extending her power outside the walls of Grayskull

    Lord Masque finds the Amulet of Avarice and begins training wizards using its power

    The Falazz warriors attempt to conquer Eternia with the magical Falazz Smoke. The Council of Elders (II) banish the warriors and seal the smoke in a chest and hide it away in the Forbidden Caves

    The Cosmic Enforcers hide the hate stones on Eternia

    Tamusk rules Eternia as the last barbarian king

    Karak-Nul attempts to break into Castle Grayskull and is banished to Infintia

    Elden recovers the Sceptre of Power from the city of Arachna
    Elden travels to the Hall of Wisdom and is made king by the Council of Elders (II)

    Exiled from Melodian, Terroar crash lands on Eternia frozen in the Ice Mountains for a millennia

    Valnar becomes king

    Kale the demon comes to Eternia

    Freenorn becomes king

    Queen Xerses rules Eternia

    Lord Tyrin and Lady Valtira keep themselves youthful by draining the life from the forest. Once the energy was used they slept until the forest was replenished

    Darkdream terrorises Eternia

    The first Man-at-Arms

    Wun-dar, a savage from Tundaria, saves the Goddess, She gives him cosmic armour and he becomes a He-man

    Teela-Na of Nowella seeks out Castle Grayskull to ask for help defeating Morgoth
    The Sorceress of Grayskull, Kodak Ungol offers her the power to defeat him if she agrees to become the new Sorceress. She agrees and enters the pool of power becoming the Sorceress and banishes Morgoth

    Lord Choloh rules the beast men of the Vine Jungle
    Miro is born

    Tristam finds a jetpack near Mount Eternia and dubs himself Space-Ace
    Space-Ace challenges Vykron in the arena is beaten

    Vykron defeats Tank-Top in the arena but spares his life
    Tank-Top creates armour and weaponry for the arenas gladiators

    Gygor kills Vykron in the arena
    Gygor claims Choloh’s throne and begins a rule of the beast men


    Miro becomes king

    King Miro’s ship sink off the coast of the Isle of Tears
    Sayrn rescues King Miro and nurses him back to health
    Miro and Sayrn fall in love and they have the child Keldor
    King Miro is rescued and takes his son back to Eternos, Sayrn gives the Zalesian blade to Miro to pass on to her son

    King Miro marries Amelia
    King Miro’s second son Randor is born

    The Orc Wars
    Dekker becomes Man-at-Arms
    Malcolm, Duncans brother is injured in battle and wanders Eternia with amnesia
    Duncan becomes Dekkers apprentice

    The Tycons attack Stratos and Hawkes village, killing their parents
    Stratos takes his fathers fire ray and defeat the Tycons
    Stratos finds the Golden Egg in the Mystic Mountain
    Stratos become leader of the Avians and rebuilds Avion

    Kronis’ homeward in Infinita is destroyed by the Mouth of Moloch
    Kronis is rescued and imprisoned by the inter-dimensional traveller, the Collector
    Prince Randor saves Stratos from a lizigator

    Masque begins to train Count Marzo in dark magic
    Count Marzo steals the Amulet of Avarice from its altar, betraying Lord Masque

    Kronis and Scychor escape the Collector and steal much of his technology

    Kronis and Scychor roam as mercenaries
    Kronis betrays Scychor who is injured to the horde
    Kronis is arrested by the Galactic Protectors and sent to Prison Starr
    Scychor is transformed by the horde into Cychop
    Count Marzo creates the Shadow Beasts
    Count Marzo begins his attacks against the City of Eternos
    Merman’s kingdom is destroyed in a rebellion lead by Aquarus


    Count Marzo banishes Miro to Despondos
    Randor and Keldor defeat Count Marzo who is transformed into a powerless old man
    Nepthu a follower of Marzo searches the Sands of Time and Fire to find the amulet
    Oo-larr leaves his jungle home and travels Eternia
    Oo-larr rescues the Goddess from Gygor
    The Goddess takes Oo-larr to Grayskull where the Sorceress tasks him with protecting the Power Sword
    The Goddess begins to train Oo-larr


    Merman attempts to raise the sea demon Bakull but is stopped by Dekker and Oo-larr
    Dekker retires from his post of Man-at-Ams passing on the role to Duncan
    Queen Amelia is murdered by an unknown assailant
    Keldor is blamed for the Queen’s murder and is exiled
    Keldor is drawn to the temple of Hordak
    Hordak teaches Keldor the dark arts in exchange for his freedom
    Keldor faces the Faceless One n takes the Havoc Staff
    Evil-Lyn leaves Zalesia
    Keldor betrays Hordak

    Keldor meets Evil Lyn and they have a child
    Goatman is a slave of the beast men in the Vine Jungle, in particular Beastman
    Keldor recruits Beastman from the Berserker Islands
    Keldor recruits Triklops after he is blinded by a wizard
    Keldor breaks several prisoners out of the Prison Starr including Kronis and Jitsu
    Keldor recruits Merman
    Torrant Krazut betrays the Calgary people by leading Keldor and his forces through Subternia to attack Randor’s army
    Torrant is banished by his brother Ceratus, he joins Keldor and takes the name Whiplash
    Keldor and his warriors attacks the Hall of Wisdom and is defeated by Randor when his face is burnt with a deadly acid
    Evil Lyn takes the injured Skeletor to Hordaks altar.
    Hordak transforms Keldor into Skeletor by merging him with Demo-man
    Evil Lyn helps Skeletor gain control of the demon inside him and his powers increase substantially
    Skeletors spurns Evil Lyn so she sends their child to the future
    Skeletor conjures the Skelcons from Infinita
    Karg is names Snake Mountains grand inquisitor and with help from the mintauron cyborg Minox tortured prisoners in the doom room


    The Sorceress and Man-at-Arms erect the mystic wall
    Randor travels to Hall of Wisdom and the Council of Elders (II) recognise him as king but they warn him that his was a legacy that his children would have to redeem as the king of Eternos was to serve all of Eternia, not only the light
    The Council of Elders (II) along with the hall disappear, transmuting their energies and knowledge into the orb of Grayskull

    Gygor leads the beast men in attacks on Grayskull
    Oo-lar and the Goddess place Gygor into suspended animation
    Marlena crash lands on Eternia and is rescued by Randor
    Randor and Marlena marry
    Orius is injured at the Battle of Avion during the great unrest
    Man-at-Arms takes him to the Sorceress who heals him with nannites giving him the ability to stretch his neck. Orius takes the name Meckaneck and joins the Masters

    Man-at-Arms sets up the Masters with Mekanek, Stratos
    Light-hope sends word to the Sorceress instructing her to clone the Sword of He
    The Sorceress send Oo-lar and Man-at-Arms to find the two halves of the Sword of He
    Using magics and the mother stone, the gem of Tiar-ra to create the Sword of Protection
    The Sword of He is separated once more and the Sword of Protection is hidden in the walls of Grayskull
    Savage beastmen attack a village in the Vine Jungle
    To protect his village, Krass dons his family’s magic armour and becomes Ram-man
    Skeletor recruits Ram-man to ram through the jaw bridge of Grayskull
    Ram-man realises Skeletor is evil and joins the Masters
    Prahvus begins to terrorise Eternia

    The Sorceress leaves Grayskull and stays in Peleezea
    The Sorceress defends Peleezea from Prahvus
    Ophidius is banished from Peleezea for helping Prahvus

    Adam and Adora are born
    Hordak contacts Skeletor and tells him of the prophecy of twin warriors and commands Skeletor bring the children to him
    Skeletor creates his Battle Armor to breach the mystic wall
    Skeletor breaks through the mystic wall with magical battle armor
    Skeletor steals Adora away and sends her to Hordak through the Well of Darkness
    The Sorceress erases the memory of Adora from Eternia
    Skeletor still free in the light hemisphere gains entrance to Point Dredd when it appears on Eternia
    Skeletor, using the magics of Point Dredd lures the Sorceress to him and magically clones her
    Man-At-Arms and Oo-lar stop Skeletor from taking the baby
    Oo -lar sends Skeletor back behind the wall with his mighty axe
    The Sorceress seals the wall once again
    The baby Teela is given to Man-at-arms to raise as his own daughter
    Oo-larr succumbs to his injuries sustained in the fight against Skeletor

    General Tartaran invades villages across Eternia with his goblin army

    Kronis is banished from Snake Mountain by Skeletor
    Kronis begins raising an army

    Kronis attacks Snake Mountain but his army is defeated and Kronis is mortally wounded by Skeletor
    Triklops transforms Kronis into Trapjaw
    Dalmun is injured in a mining accident on Phantos

    10 year old Adam rescues Cringer from a Parek-narr attack
    Geldor ruler of Foodar in the dark hemisphere loses his wife and he becomes obsessed with bringing her back
    Dalmun is banished by Elmora on Phantos after he is injured and steals Photanium to rebuild his face and arm

    Clawful rescues beast man and joins the evil warriors

    Stratos saves the village of Colmay from the Torgs and meets the human Delora.
    Stratos marries Delora

    Orko is sent to Eternia to be Prince Adams guide
    Orko arrives on Eternia and saves Prince Adam from the Tar Swamp, losing his medallion of power

    Teela begins training with the royal guard at 15
    Teela gains respect from older guards such as Qadian Havanar and Repton Rubessss
    Nolar black and Robert Cassius are jealous of Teela
    Knowing Adam will become He-man, Man-at-arms and the Sorceress create the electronic power for him to use until he combines the power sword
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    WOW again, I need to put this in a word document or something like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by man-at-work View Post
    WOW again, I need to put this in a word document or something like that.
    Glad you are enjoying ��

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    Is Blubbor the Evil Master of Girth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    Is Blubbor the Evil Master of Girth?
    I believe he was a concept character that featured in the art of he-man book. A rather large fellow

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    The evil master of carbination.

    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    Is Blubbor the Evil Master of Girth?

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    edited with new info from the last couple of months of bios

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    The amount of work you put into these timelines is truly impressive!
    Thanks for posting them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny Dreadful View Post
    The amount of work you put into these timelines is truly impressive!
    Thanks for posting them!
    you're very welcome, i'm desperately trying to work out the timeline from new adventures and beyond but it's tricking working out where the events on eternia correspond to the events in the tri-solar system

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan1980 View Post
    you're very welcome, i'm desperately trying to work out the timeline from new adventures and beyond but it's tricking working out where the events on eternia correspond to the events in the tri-solar system
    It is never explicitly stated whether or not time passes differently in the Tri-Solar System due time-dilation effects or the speed necessary for interstellar travel... (As it is in a completely different coordinate on the space-time continuum.)

    Depending on which view you take, the events happening on Eternia could be considered concurrent with the TSS, but actually concluding quicker because time will move faster, or slower, to Eternians relative to those who traveled to a different part of space-time, e.g. any planet in the Tri-Solar System.

    I wish you luck my friend!
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    updated with the last few months of Masters Mondays bios

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