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Thread: MOTUC Collector Choice wave 3 from Super7 - William Stout collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkmoon766 View Post
    I find it hard to believe that Mattel would want Super-7 to do the movie figures even if it was a separate licence. They are Still MOTU Characters, even if they are not technically Mattel designs. Super-7 doing these while Mattel asked them not to do any MOTU would not exactly keep them on good negotiating terms, if there even was a legal way around Mattel's IP rights.
    IF something like this were to put Super7 and Mattel on the outs, it would have been the figures that are actually coming. Super7 pursued a separate agreement outside of Mattel. That's why they're being called the William Stout collection. And if it's a matter of branding, then if more are made from this Stout agreement then put a Stout logo on them and call it a day.

    More have just as much a chance of being made as did the ones we're getting. No one saw them coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manowar View Post
    William Stout didn't want anything to do with Mattel and wouldn't let them produce toys using his designs from the movie. That's why certain characters were never produced by Mattel during the original toy run. Super 7 was able to negotiate a deal simply because they weren't Mattel.

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    Yes, indeed, Super7 had to negotiate a deal with Mattel AND with William Stout. Without both, they couldn't legally sell these figures.

    A company could negotiate a deal just with William Stout to make something based on the design (prop replicas, for example), but then they couldn't call it He-Man or Masters of the Universe or anything else like that (unless they negotiated a separate deal with Mattel or DreamWorks or whoever owns the rights).

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