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Thread: Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

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    I was feeling lazy today, so I decided to rent the movie. I really, REALLY enjoyed it. The beginning was a little weirdly paced to me, but after the big reveal it made sense. I thought something was really off for the first half of the movie, it must have been my Peter-tingle. Loved the mid credit scene, not sure what we are supposed to gleam from the second, but it makes sense why Hill and Fury felt 'odd.' Not a huge Spiderman fan, but there were some really stellar fight scenes and effects in this one. Loved the acronym for Edith, that was VERY Tony Stark
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    Solid movie.
    I really liked this a lot too but just for the home video experience on 4k HD
    It was funny, cool action scenes, Mysterio was great, I hope more and more Spidey will be just slightly less dependent from the S.H.I.E.L.D and Tony Stark's technology, I'm hoping for a more classic take next time maybe an adaptation of "Spider Man and his AMazing Friends" would be very nice
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