I have been cleaning out my cellar/crossbase and have opened up a box which contains lots of MOTU comics- many of these are the original mini-comics from the 1980s that accompanied the action figures. I also have the STAR comics series, 1-12 (can't find #13 just yet). Additionally, I have the original 1982 or 1983? DC MOTU comics series (set of 3) and then also 6 or 7 comic books from the 2000 series. Not to mention the re-releases of a few of the original action figures like Clawful, Buzz Off, and so on. I also have a 2000 Man At Arms still in the package (and probably a few more- I also had a 2000 He Man and 2000 Skeletor but unfortunately opened those and they are ruined now).

Needless to say, there's a lot of stuff there I had totally forgotten about.

Here's a snapshot of the mini comics I have:


How much are these min comics worth? They are all in pretty good condition, many of them still close to mint.