This week we are excited to present a new Masters Of the Universe collaboration between Tim Seeley and Mark Englert!

The posters are a tribute to Jack "King" Kirby and are very bright, in black light colors, in the same vein as Kirby's old Third Eye posters for Marvel!

Mark had the following to say about the artwork:

"I'm a lifelong Kirby fan, and you probably are, too… even if you never realized it. I had the honor to color some of Kirby's work, a series of drawings he drew for a movie called, "Lord of Light" The story behind those drawings was dramatized in a little movie called "Argo" which, despite cutting the scenes featuring Jack Kirby out of the final release, went on to win a bunch of Oscars. I was instructed to color them in the neon, black light style of the Marvel Third Eye posters that came out in the 1970s and I had a great time doing it. So, when the chance to do something similar with Tim Seeley, another hero of mine and on He-Man! How could I pass it up?"

Edition Info:
Regular, 24x18 screenprint, Run of 155, $65
Cosmic Foil Variant, 24x18 screenprint, Run of 45, $90

Posters go on sale Wednesday, January 23rd at 12PM ET! Be sure to come early! There will be some very low run foils that are not advertised here.

Check out the Blog for pictures of the printed poster and additional info!
Click here to order on Wednesday, January 23rd.