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    Large MOTU collection FS

    EDIT: Last call before items are placed on eBay...still a handful of items still available from this list.

    Hey everyone, I used to be a frequent visitor to this site. I'm an old schooler--subscribed to the Scrolls of Grayskull back in the day! Alas, I don't visit often and I post even less. Still, I wanted to revisit the site here in hopes that I could find a true MOTU fan who might be interested in buying some of my old toys. I'd prefer to sell here rather than ebay or craigslist.

    This first batch is my largest. I can sell individually, or as an entire lot with a discount. If you have ANY questions on any of the figures, ask and I'll provide more detailed pics, descriptions, etc.

    These are all from the classic line. I can provide pics of stamps, feet, whatever to prove they're not replicas.

    List of figures. Figures are complete unless otherwise noted:

    *** = PENDING SALE

    SOLD Stinkor $8
    SOLD Mer-Man $15
    SOLD Moss-Man (head is loose) $5
    SOLD Leech $5
    SOLD Thunder Punch He-Man $10
    SOLDScreech (missing base) $10
    SOLD Tung Lashor $15
    SOLD Hordak $15
    SOLD Fisto $5
    SOLD Two Bad (paint bled onto legs) $1
    SOLD Modulok (missing one head) $10
    SOLD Man-at-Arms $15
    SOLD Prince Adam (belt elastic is bad) $20
    SOLD Beast Man $20
    Man-E-Faces $10
    Jistu $15
    SOLD Tri-Klops $8
    Zoar $20
    SOLD Battle Armor He-Man (chest armor won't roll) $5
    SOLD Battle Armor Skeletor (no sword) $5
    SOLD Roboto (paint bled onto legs) $1
    Ram Man $10
    SOLD Kobra Khan $5
    SOLD Orko (missing rip cord) $5
    SOLD Clawful $5
    SOLD Teela $20
    Whiplash $8
    SOLD Mekaneck $8
    SOLD Spikor $10
    SOLD Snout Spout $15
    SOLD Sy-Klone (no shield) $5
    SOLD Zodac $10
    Grizzlor $10
    SOLD Mantenna $10
    SOLD Buzz Off $10
    SOLD Evil Lyn (no staff) $5
    SOLD Webstor $15
    SOLD Rokkon $10
    SOLD Panthor $45
    SOLD Stonedar $10


    Shipping will depend on how much you buy, but I won't be a jerk about that. Prefer to ship to US, but will entertain international offers.

    Thank you--and again, don't hesitate to contact me with specific offers!IMG_1541.jpg
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