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    2nd MOTU lot FS

    EDIT: All figures in this thread are sold. I do have other threads with figures and merchandise still for sale.

    For those who haven't seen my first post in this forum, I'm an old (as in, late 90s) member of this site. Don't visit or post often, but I do have a large collection that I'm ready to part ways with. Wanted to try to sell these to MOTU fans on the org before I tried selling them on a more informal auction site.

    All figures are complete unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions or wish to see more detail, please contact me and I'll be happy to share that with you. I'd prefer to keep shipping in the US, but I will definitely consider shipping internationally. Whatever shipping costs are (it depends on what you buy), I'll keep it as low as I possibly can.

    Just like my first listing, I'll shave off some cost if anyone buys a large bulk of figures.

    In this lot:

    SOLD (Red Neck variant) Rattlor $25 ...that looks judgmental after typing it. Wonder where he's from? Mississippi? My home state of Texas?
    SOLD Flying Fists He-Man $35
    SOLD Terror Claws Skeletor $35
    SOLD Dragon Blast Skeletor (missing green lock on chain) $30
    SOLD Hurricane Hordak $35
    SOLD King Randor (some spots on his legs--possibly a paint flaw?) $85
    SOLD Faker (with chest sticker!) $30
    SOLD Ninjor $40
    SOLD Rio Blast $30
    SOLD Clamp Champ (some paint wear or spotting similar to Randor) $50
    SOLD Scare Glow $100 ...did we ever come to a consensus? Is he an evil ghost that belongs to Skeletor, or is he the ghost of a deceased Skeletor?

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