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Thread: New She-Ra's Giant Bug Monster

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    New She-Ra's Giant Bug Monster

    Has the name of the giant monster bug that prominently triggers Adora's first transformation in the New She-Ra cartoon been mentioned or revealed anywhere officially? (if it does have any, which I'm thinking probably it doesn't)

    The everyday bug that it most seems to resemble in shape to me is the flea. But it also has a prominent horn on its "nose", somewhat like a rhinoceros. And it has bristling spikes (well, fleas do have some kind of bristles). And of course it's absolutely giant-sized (very unlike tiny fleas).

    So I've come up with the name "giant spiky rhinopsyllos" (pronounced /ˌraɪnəˈsaɪləs/ RYE-nuh-SYE-luss) to refer to this species, from a blend of rhinoceros and the Greek word psyllos for flea (the term could also be taken to mean something like "nosed flea", which seems to fit it nice as well).

    What do you think? Are there any other name suggestions? Of course, this could be an everyday-English name for its species and not a proper name for the specific specimen seen on screen (in case it has one, maybe because it is larger than usual and earned itself a fearsome reputation among the population), nor its name in Brightmoonese, Thaymorese, or other Etherian languages.

    Also, I think this bad-ass bug has earned itself the status of a beast star in the NuPoP canon. Both because of its prominent role in the first pair of episodes (making it kind of akin to the fame the monster in the first minicomic has among Minternia fans), and because it is referenced at least once again in a later episode.

    So, would people be interested in getting it as a toy in the upcoming Mattel NuPoP line? I don't think there are many other "toy-able" beasts in NuPoP so far, apart from Horsey/Swiftwind and this one.

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    Looking for pictures of this creature (quite hard to find on the internet so far), I've found this Fandom wiki entry where it is referred to as "Whispering Woods Bug" (though no reference or further info on it is provided).

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    Cool name. If I recall aren't they robotic? Doesn't Catra mutilate one of them in 'Promise'? They seem to be infused with First One's Tech so presumably they were created by Eternians or native to Eternia. I wish we had some more people on forums from the actual show to let us know what they were referred to as in the script...
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