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Thread: I'm watching Classic She-Ra for first time in full !!

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    I'm watching Classic She-Ra for first time in full !!

    I'm 37 episodes in, and loving it. I only ever watched secret of the sword, and maybe 1 or 2 episodes throughout the series. I specifically remember the episode: A Loss for words, which i watched way back in the 80's.

    I always smile when Adam/He-man makes an appearance.
    But it's great to learn more about Etheria.

    Favourite episodes so far are: Horde Prime takes a holiday and A talent for Trouble.
    Worst episode: Friends are where you find them.

    Can't stand Loo-Kee. Can never understand what he/she is saying. I always skip Loo-Kee.

    Despite Loo-Kee and the above mentioned episode, it's a wonderful series.
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