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Thread: Nazghal/ Tauron

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    Nazghal/ Tauron

    Nazghal/Tauron- to me they are both the same character, just different time periods and different names. They look the same, at least. Anyway onto the recipe: used a male buck with black chest, ep king Randor legs loin and over jacket, horde wraith arms and hands, shoulder pads from a horde wraith cape and I used the long front part to run down his back along the overcoat. Head is a modified eldor head done the I unfathomable Ryan Lunt. The gem of Magoo( comes from Camo khans bio) is a gem from the top of He-ro’s staff. Staff from Evil Mike, resembling his alter.

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    I wonder which MOTU episode did Nazghal or Tauron appear.
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