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Thread: Eddache examines the new She-Ra show and its character designs VS the 80s designs

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    Quote Originally Posted by thexxwatcherxx View Post
    Thanks for entertaining my opinions and sharing yours Val. Again your the best!
    Sure thing, my good man! And thank you and others like you on here for having a quality, constructive discussion. I wish more people did the same.
    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2020!
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    I think it's worth noting that Adora dosn't seem to be particularly flat chested, her jacket covers it up, but when she's seen with just her shirt on she it seems a lot more clear.

    When she's She-Ra the armor she's wearing that hides her chest.
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    I think the story of this show is better

    But the designs are poorly done and mediocre, specially She´ra`s

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    Very insightful and it echos a lot of my own thoughts (did I just compliment myself for having insightful thoughts )

    A lot of what I like about the new She-Ra cartoon is exactly that all the characters look so different and more representational of realistic bodystyles. I don’t particularly care for all the characters in the original show having the same bodytype with a slightly different head and different haircolours.

    I’ve read a few times here from members with young daughters that they prefer “pretty” characters, but I personally think they’re all pretty in their own way. It’s not like Glimmer looks like a fat slob, she’s a bit broader, sure, but kids and adults have all different body types too and part of the appeal for kids is identifying with a character, right? Of course personality is key, but those are really well fleshed out. I really like this show, it does so many things right. I can see this being a very empowering show for young women without scaring off the male demographic with too much girly stuff (obviously there’s plenty but in a very good and fun way).

    I like the tone they said and I’d love for a He-Man reboot with similar ampunt of layers, storytelling, etc.

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    You can actually fix and even use the wokeness as part of both white and black bows origin , if you imagine bows biological father is George , and bows biological mother was a woman of white skin and red hair ( not a stretch at all when you think about it ) maybe she died and George swore hed never love another woman . Then you just say filmation universe bow had his mum's skin and his dad's personality , whereas DreamWorks universe bow was born with his dad's skin but his mum's personality ?

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