Hello world!

I have tried to catch some after market deal but could not find any so asking gently if anyone here does have that damned DC STREAMING SUB and if can get access to the super secret Dc Universe shop?
You need to reach that to get those deluxe Justice League animated figures which are a continuation from the succesful Batman animated line. Plus I'm not US based too and DC streaming is not going to be available in EU anytime soon. That's why need help from US buddies, they just cost 28$ each, I usually do Paypal or visa.

........and by the way its ******** no international fan can get the chance to have those, one can hope for a nationwide 2nd release (with more accessories would be fair). Do not even let me begin how ****ed up am I not being able to grab amazing characters such as Renee Montoya, Bane, Mr Freeze and Poison Ivy based on TAS because that GCPD 5 pack has skyrocketed on the ebay. Thats just another story