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Thread: Mad Duck Posters: Classic Earl Norem He-Man and Hordak

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    Mad Duck Posters: Classic Earl Norem He-Man and Hordak

    Hey folks. Mad Duck has new Posters available today of two of Earl Norem's iconic paintings! We are happy to release He-Man and Hordak, available in two different sizes as fine art giclées!

    Choose from either 18x24 or 22.5x30 inches. All runs are numbered, limited editions. Check out the site for more details HERE!

    Heman.jpg Hordak.jpg

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    Thank you for this! I've been wanting to get my hands on an actual print of this Horde poster from the magazine for ages!

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    The Earl Norem posters are beautiful I had tough decisions to make this year about which sub to get in the end I chose the SiMo Sol sub he was my pick for the artist to do the sub exclusive for last year speaking of which I’m really excited to see what we got coming

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    I also thought that MadDuck was going to be releasing T- shirts and other merchandise what happened to that? Really do love all the posters I’ve gotten from them. Still have a good amount coming after they print the club exclusive because I opt for quarterly shipping

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