Normal wear. Expect previous rentals. Unless noted. You can pick any 10 you want. If you want more or less can be arranged. 12 shipped media cash or gifted paypal. I don't visit the forum often so if no reply either here or pm email me secretdefender at warpmail dot net

9 to 5 - unopened fox selections reprint

2001 a space odyssey - 2nd print mgm/ua

alamo - mgm/ua 2 tape set 1992 reprint

american psycho - universal

american psycho - universal

antz - clamshell dreamworks

bad jim - rca columbia, tear on front of box

battling for baby - unopened, turner aci films

beavis and butthead do america - bad top flap paramount

behind the waterfall - feature film for familes, writting on tape label, top of box corner damaged can be fixed with tape

blade - new lineblade ii - new line

blair witch project - artisanblue thunder - rca columbia, old style box closed in

bowfinger - universal, writting on boxbridge on the river kwai - rca columbia, old style box closed in, not sure if 1st print, heavy tape

call of the wild - 1989 bingo video, ep speed reprint, charlon heston

cat people - mca

cemetry club - touchstone, screener

charade - 1989 congress video reprint ep speed

cheaper by the dozen - clamshell 20th century fox

chiller - ace video, wes craven

clearing - 20th century fox

clerks - miramax

clockstoppers - paramount

delirious - mgm no box

dumb and dumber - new line minor wear on box

dusty - family adventure theater ep speed reprint, top flap has a rip

ellen foster - hallmark

eraser - warner brosfear and loathing in las vegas - universal, writting on box

eye for an eye - 1996 paramount

fawn grows up in the forest - wildlife unlimited foundation educational video for kids, ep speed

flight of the intruder - paramountforgotten - columbia tristar

follow the river - hallmark

football america - jcpenny polygram video ep speed documentary

freddys nightmares freddys tricks and treats - warner box cut and fit into clamshellfx 2 - orion

gambler returns the luck of the draw - unopened, cabin fever entertainment, judging by its weight it could be ep speed

generals daughter - poor condition box paramount, box is useable it's just the art

gods and generals - 2 tape set warner bros

gold - roger moore 1995 jamboree reprint, ep speed

goldy the last of the golden bears - unopened, family home entertainment

goldy ii the sage of the golden bear - unopened, family home entertainment

good will hunting - miramax

gotcha - mca

grosse pointe blank - hollywood

haunting - special edition dreamworksheart breakers - mgm

hot shots - fox, writting on box

i love trouble - touchstoneiceman - mca, top flap poor condition

incredible journeys around the world from the amazon to the arctic - unopened readers digest

incredible journeys around the world from the outback to shangri-la - unopened readers digest

jacobs ladder - avid reprint ep speed

jerry springer bad boys and naughty girls uncensored - real

jesus - warner bros jvpoa special edition, brian deacon

kavik the white dog - good times ep speed reprint

kill line - hemdale

legend of cougar canyon - good times ep speed documentary

legend of sleepy hollow - jeff goldblum starmaker ep speed reprint

legend of wolf mountain - hemdale ep speed reprint

lightning the white stallion - unopened video treasures ep speed reprint

little house on the prairie a matter of faith & the gift - good times ep speed

little house on the prairie christmas at plum creek- good times ep speed, unopened

little house on the prairie christmas they never forgot - good times ep speed, unopened

little princess - 1989 congress video reprint ep speed

little shop of horrors - warner 1986 film 1991 reprint

little women - columbia tristar

ma and pa kettle back on the farm - 1994 mca universal unopened reprint

ma and pa kettle go to town - 1994 mca universal unopened reprint

major payne - mca universal

making mr right - hbo orion

mike warnke do you hear me - dayspring

millennium- ep speed avid reprint

miracle on 34th street - 1991 fox video reprint

mortal kombat the animated video the journey begins - new line

music videos from pretty woman - emi video ep speed

natural - tristar 1994 reprint

nervous ticks - columbia tristar

no way to treat a lady - early paramount reprint still heavy tape

on golden pond - unopened itc video

open range - touchstone

out on a limb - mca universal

passenger 57 - warner bros

perfect storm -warner brospopeye - paramount early reprint heavy tape

pioneer woman - worldvision ep speed, unopened

popeye - paramount early reprint heavy tape

popeye - paramount early reprint heavy tape, guard on tape is missingpredator - 1991 fox reprint

primo baby - unopened worldvision ep speed

quick change - warner bros

rage of angels - 1992 starmaker ep speed reprint, unopened

rambo first blood part ii - 2nd print ive still heavy taperat race - special edition paramount, writting on box

remo williams the adventure begins - 2nd print hbo, still heavy tape

river runs through it - columbia tristar, rip on top flap, ep speed reprint

road to perdition - dreamworks, academy award variant box design

road trip - dreamworks top of box ripped

rocky iv - cbs foxrocky v - mgm/ua

rooster cogburn (...and the lady) - 1990 mca universal reprintrosemarys baby - paramount

running free - vidmark ep speed

running scared - 1987 mgm/ua reprint, billy crystal

sams son - worldvision ep speed unopened

santa claus - 1986 film, media old style box closed in

screamers - 1996 columbia tristar minor tear corner of box

scam - fox

seven alone - family adventure theater ep speed reprint, damage to box but still useable

shadow riders - unopened 1992 starmaker ep speed reprint

shadow riders - 1992 trimark ep speed reprint

sleuth - media, old style box closed in, box fair condition still useable

smokey and bandit ii - mca 1986 early reprint still heavy tape and old logosnakeeater - media

something special - magnum, box artwork has some fade, beginning tape is bad for a few minutes then clears up don't mess much

spirit of the eagle - 1993 starmaker ep speed reprint

spirit of the eagle - 1993 starmaker ep speed reprint unopened

stakeout - touchstone, unopened

stargate - live, writting on box doesn't interfere much

steel magnolias - tristar ep speed reprint

sting ii - mca

stone killer - columbia tristar, EP speedsugar hill - fox

summer rental - paramounttank - mca

teen wolf - paramount anniversaryterminator - 1999 artisan reprint

terminator 2 judgment day - 1999 artisan reprint

texas - 2 tape set republic

throw momma from the train - onion

to dance with the white dog - hallmark republic

trap on cougar mountain - 1991 starmaker ep speed reprint unopened

true grit - 1996 paramount reprint

twin dragons - 1997 tauirus reprint, has orignal ending, later reprints the ending was changed to show outtakes during end credits

unfaithful - 20th century fox

untamed wild the big five of africa - panthera ep speed documentary

vegas vacation - warner bros

vampires - no box, in a rental plastic case, john carpenter

victory the bear - wildlife unlimited foundation, old man of the woods series, ep

volunteers - 1989 video treasures reprint

what about bob - touchstone

waiting for the wind - gateway films vision video, ep speed, short christain film

when harry met sally - nelson

white squall - hollywood

who framed roger rabbit - box poor cond alot of creases still useable, touchstone

wild things - columbia

wild pony - family home entertainment theatre ep speed reprint

wwii the music video - 1989 congress video ep speed, unopened

year without a santa claus - warner bros clamshell