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Thread: Rhino Beetle-Ebonhorn custom figure sculpt

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    Rhino Beetle-Ebonhorn custom figure sculpt

    This past December a fellow fan and board member here and on the 4H site passed away. Ebonhorn.
    Around the time of his passing there was some discussion on the Mythic Legion boards of the 4H doing a tribute figure or accessory to Ebonhorn.
    During that discussion a sculpt of mine from Gatchagrey's Bug-Shido Fan art came up. It was a sculpt I never finished.

    Since this came up in December, my sculpting bug has been itching to finish this and get it cast. Only time and means have kept it from being possible.
    I might have the means and time to get this guy finished now(as I'm currently out of work).
    If I did, who would be interested in a cast of him as a custom staction figure kit?
    I'm not taking orders or anything, just wanting to know who 's seriously interested.

    Here is the art inspiration and the state of the current sculpt.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Amazing Art ( i await nothing diferent from you) and i am sure he would love this picture!
    Buddy you catch the Figure so perfectly and i love the dark colours
    MOTUC Figures should have detaching Arms (Example Trap-Jaw) and Upperbody should be not one with the legs (King Hiss) for mixing Parts!!!
    --- We need more custom Figures! ---

    ...if you are He-Ro - Son of He-Man and MOTU Fan join the SoH Group

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    Im waiting for this Fan-Staction for so long.
    Please finish and cast him.

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