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Thread: The Sorcerer Kings

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    The Sorcerer Kings

    I gave you my interpretation of the Ancients
    the Wizards of Good
    the Council of Elders
    and the Seven Devils

    Now here we have

    The Sorcerer Kings
    This is a very incomplete list, obviously. It only has nine names in it and only six are even proper Sorcerer Kings. Oh well.

    While Torak never called himself a sorcerer king, he is the first ruler of this lineage and the first to wield what would become known as the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings and was actually one half of the Sword of the Ancients.
    Torak started as a simple member of a primitive tribe. Traveling the world of Preternia he commited many heroic deed, including wounding the monstrous Ancient Bakkull and forcing him into magical sleep, being part of the rebellion against Shokoti and slaying the Demon from the Beginning of Time. Seeing his heroic nature and capability, Torak's tribe made him their chief. Other tribes joined and so the Sorcerer Kingdom began.

    Heltor the Fallen
    Several generations after Torak, his descendant Heltor inherited the throne of the Sorcerer Kingdom when his father was assassinated by forces unknown. At this point, the Kingdom had grown to contain a big part of the continent Preternia with only the similarly big Realm of the Sylcons as an equal. Heltor tried to be a good ruler, keeping peace with the Sylcons, absorbing small city states and barbarian tribes into the Kingdom to stop their endless feuds. He even married a Sylcon princess to further trade between the two main powers.
    But he was also inexperienced. Sylcon ambassadors tricked him into contracts in their favor, rulers of vassal states talked him into giving them more autonomy. Trade broke down and old feuds resurfaced. When Heltor finally caught his wife cheating on him with one of the Sylcon ambassadors, he changed his methods completely.
    First, he had his wife and all Sylcon nobles who lived at his court executed. Next he had his army occupy the vassal states. To make up for losses in trade, he ordered the plundering of Sylcon villages near the border. War was inevitable and after calming down, Heltor wondered if he made a mistake.
    A mysterious figure named Lord Masque, however, offered him power. He taught him dark sorcery and helped him create three artificial humanoids of monstrous appearance that would serve as his generals. The Three Terrors now lead then raiding parties as well as defenses against the Sylcons' retaliations and were very successful in both.
    When Heltor discovered that Masque was after the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings to free Shokoti, he personally broke his mask with the sword and destroyed his material form.
    However, the people of the Sorcerer Kingdom distrusted Heltor and especially his Three Terrors, who where indeed unscrupulous in their methods and vicious even to their allies. It came to nobodies surprise, when Heltor was killed in a coup and the Three Terrors imprisoned with his remains in a secret tomb.
    Heltor was succeeded by his daughter, who restored the peace with the Sylcons. For now.

    Sersi the Cunning
    King Heltor's daughter never forgave him for killing her mother. Seeing the peoples distrust, she decided that the only way to survive was to lead the inevitable coup herself. After being crowned king (the title queen was for the ruler's spouse, not the ruler), Sersi put great effort in restoring the peace. She succeeded with the help of several allies on the Sylcon's side and in the vassal states. It was rumored, however, that many of those allies were actually herself, transformed with the Shaping Staff that might be her own creation.
    King Sersi created a peace that lasted for the next generations.

    Maligna the Lost
    Maligna was the daughter of Sersi and the king of Zalesia – Zalesia being was a vassal state of the Sorcerer Kings at that time. Her rule was short, because her younger brother, knowing about her affair with a Sylcon noblewoman, blackmailed her to relinquish the throne to him. Maligna then became queen of Zalesia instead.

    Ditillion the Explorer
    Prince Ditillion grew up in a peaceful time. Despite being the crown prince, he was more interested in exploration than politics. On his voyages, he befriended a nameless dragon whom he gave the name Granamyr. (This Granamyr would later become the first leader of the dragons and is the father of the current dragon king, also named Granamyr.) For years, Ditillion searched the jungle and the swampland for the House of Shokoti but when he instead found (and accidentally freed) one of her tentacled, soul eating monsters, he instead turned his attention to the skies.
    As a king, Ditillion still studied celestial bodies and discovered the magical connection between Eternia and Etheria that formes every time the moons of both planets align. He created the Moon Mirror, that used this connection to bridge the distance between the two planets.
    When his wife died, Ditillion abdicated in favor of his son and left for Etheria together with a group of settlers, using a spell to bring the Moon Mirror itself with him. On the new planet, he founded the magical kingdom of Mystacore.
    King Ditillion married again and had several children. How he died is unknown, because one day he just vanished. Some say he was seen travelling with Zagras and his living comets. Legends tell how he met living machines, helped construct a space station and faced off with the Crawling Chaos among many other things.

    Demos the Traitor
    Demos was born in a time of open war between the Sorcerer Kings and the Sylcons, a war that his side was winning. When he became king, however, a series of bad decisions lead to lost battles and whole cities being won back by the Sylcons. Trying to save the kingdom, Demos' brother Tamusk challenged him to a duel and won. When Tamusk took the throne, Demos fled to the Sylcons and married their queen, Tyrella. Despite his knowledge about Tamusk's army, the Sylcon's lost the war and Demos died in a second duel with his brother. It is said, though, that his spirit is still haunting the City of the Ancients, bound to his ceremonial mask.

    Tamusk the Conquerer
    Tamusk was raised in the believe that it was the Sorcerer King's birthright to rule all of Eternia. When he saw his brother Demos fail in this task, he challenged him to a duel for the throne and won. Now king, Tamusk expanded the kingdom in all directions and finally was the one to conquer the Sylcon's last stronghold and capital, the City of the Ancients. With his feared battle club that was also a sorcerer's staff, he personally killed King Demos, his brother who had joined the enemy, and Queen Tyrella in a duel.
    While Demos and Tyrella had not been well liked by the Sylcon citizens, an invader from outside was considered even worse. Tamusk did not change that when he took seat in the Ancient's palace and brutally suppressed the Sylcon's autonomy.
    An unknown event during this time, however, changed his outlook. Tamusk lifted most of the laws oppressing the Sylcons and other conquered people and reinstated several Sylcon nobles. He stopped the conquest and brought a new era of peace to Preternia.
    While it is said that he did have children, he never had an official heir and after his death, many of the now more autonomous lords declared themselves kings of their respective lands. Because of that, Tamusk is often seen as the last Sorcerer King.

    Kartan the Terrible / Kartan the Magnificent
    Kartan was a descendant of nobles from the Sorcerer Kingdom as well as Sylcons and came from a line of kings over one of the smaller kingdoms formed after Tamusks death. He is sometimes called a Sorcerer King as he owned the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings and was both, a king and a sorcerer. His knowledge in earth magic allowed him to create soldiers out of sand that kept his realm safe from Lord Masque's band of warriors and the conquering Snake Men.
    After his daughter Naka-Ra had died in an accident, Tamusk didn't have any heirs. After he also lost his high priest and the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings, his power vained. When his kingdom was finally overrun by the Snake Men, he sealed himself in the family tomb and entered a magical sleep, similar to that of Bakkull, the Ancient. The Snake Men didn't find him, but since Kartan was, after all, human, he must have eventually died regardless of the spell.

    D'Vann of the Skull Tribe
    King Grayskull had no connection to the Sorcerer Kingdom and wasn't a sorcerer himself. The only reason he is in this list is that he was given the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings by the Green Goddess to prove to his allies that he was the rightful ruler of Eternia. He is sometimes called the last wielder of the sword, since he reforged it into the Sword of Power after it broke. This is both true and not. From the sword's point of view, he was indeed the last to wield it, but there were others who wielded it later in the timeline. This is only possible because at some point in the future, after the sword had been wielded by people like Oo-Lar and Wun-Dar, Sharella travelled back in time with the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings to give it to D'Vann.
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    Love it Well done bud good tie ins to existing media.

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    Thanks. They are part of my own version of Eternia's history that, somewhat similar to Classics, uses elements from all previous media (even some I haven't read, thanks to the character guide). I deliberately wrote these pieces in a way that allows to integrate them into various versions other than just mine, though they won't always fit perfectly. (In fact, some don't really fit anywhere else, like several of the King Grayskull pieces in the other threads.)

    I fixed the links to my previous threads. I must have made some mistake when copying them before.

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    I added two more names to the list. Sersi the Cunning and Ditillion the Explorer.

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    I added one more. Maligna the Lost.
    This is not Evil-Lyn's mother, by the way. When "Maligna" was revealed as the name of Evil-Lyn's mother in Classics, I wondered what to do with this name, as I had already named her mother "Morgan" and gave her a backstory that makes the name "Maligna" highly unlikely. So I decided to make it a zalesian name and worked it in here as the name of a Sorcerer King (no ruling queens in the Sorcerer Kingdom, whoever rules is the king, regardless of gender) with connections to Zalesia.

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