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    The He-Men

    After the Ancients
    the Wizards of Good
    the Council of Elders
    the Seven Devils
    and the Sorcerer Kings
    I now present you my version of

    The He-Men

    When D'Vann of the Skull Tribe broke the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings (one half of the Sword of the Ancients) in a duel with the Snake Men general Strettch Nek, he went to the shaft that lead to the Star Seed, the place where he would later build Castle Grayskull, and erected a forge. Here, he reforged the broken Sword of the Sorcerer kings into The Sword of Power. This Sword was also called the Sword of He, after the old eternian rune “H”, pronounced “He”, which stood for power, since it was the first letter of the Sorcerer King's word for “power”.
    D'Vann wielded the Sword of Power until he died in battle. The sword was then taken by his wife Veena and hidden inside Castle Grayskull where it lies to this day. It is said that it is now a connection to the Power of Grayskull, the strength that D'Vann possessed as a demigod or an even greater one given directly by the Star Seed.
    The sword that D'Vann broke, however, was the future Sword of the Sorcerer Kings that was brought to the past by Sharella. The present sword still existed and connected to its future counterpart, making it more powerful now than it had ever been.
    It is not known how Veena came into possession of this sword, but she noticed what had happened to it and knew that it was more important than ever that the Sword of the Ancients was not recombined. She did not want to keep it with the Sword of Power either, though, fearing that the very same metal coming into contact with itself could lead to disaster.
    Because of that, she entrusted the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings to others who became the guardians of the power, the He-Men.

    After the death of King Grayskull, his Heroic Warriors continued to protect Eternia. While Hiss and Hordak were gone, the Snake Men and the Horde still existed, as well as plunderers like the Fighting Foe Men who used Horde technology. He-Ro was the one who led the Heroic Warriors in fights against those threads. That was when he met and befriended Vikor, a heroic warrior from the north. Vikor accompanied He-Ro to Castle Grayskull where Veena found him worthy of becoming the first He-Man.
    During his time as He-Man, Vikor helped beating the Fighting Foe Men, became the leader of the Heroic Warriors, conquered the Fright Zone and shattered Callix and saved Grayskull's daughter from Adi's followers during the attempted coup.
    Much later, he and Grayskull's daughter fought the possessed Adi at Point Dread and banished the spirit of King Hiss that had come from the future to end the lineage of Grayskull.
    When he retired, King Grayskull's daughter became the new guardian of Grayskull. She did not carry the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings, however, which Veena instead hid in a secret place.

    When Veena's granddaughter was old enough, her grandmother entrusted her with the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings. He-Ra wielded this sword against several enemies, including Ceres and the Dogs of War and the Cult of Hordak. She also used the powerful sword in a ritual to open a way to timeless dimension, the pocket dimension where King Hiss and most of his army were imprisoned.
    This pocket was not completely without time, however, time was moving in weird and random ways. That King Hiss tried to control time did not help.
    Space was less weird, but there was no solid ground, no gravity to speak of, the only matter being things that had been send there from other worlds. He-Ra sneaked past hungry Snake Men who, in their desperate hunger, had started eating each other, met herself (twice, logically), tricked Hiss and took the Staff of Ka. She fought off his guard and barely escaped the petrifying gaze of Snake-Face before she made it back home and closed the portal between the worlds in the last moment.
    This was her last adventure as a He-Man, as Veena had discovered a new hiding place for the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings. It was not the end of her days as a hero, though, only that she used a different sword for her later adventures, the Sword of Protection that her mother had forged from the other future half of the Sword of the Ancients and the shapeshifting jewel from He-Ro's staff.

    The Eagle Tribe
    When Veena sought for someone who could replace her as the Sorceress of Grayskull, she finally found a young woman named Zoar. She and her tribe lived in the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia in a remote corner of the jungle that nobody ever visited. The tribe was never officially named, but worshiped the giant eagles of the nearby mountains. Veena found this to be the perfect hiding place for the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings. The next He-Men have all come from this tribe and the sword is still there, probably safe for now.

    Vykron of the Eagle Tribe, named after Prince Vykron of Morainia who had saved the village decades earlier, picked up the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings when his home was threatened by the new Fighting Foe Men, lead by the Snake Men created monstrosity Terroar. He personally killed Terroar and the Fighting Foe Men disbanded, leaving behind some of their weapons and technology that Vykron started tinkering with. When King Choloh of the Island of Tears (whose kingdom included a bunch of other islands and parts of the continent, too) started conquering the jungle, Vykron used both the sword and the new weapons to fight him, often wearing the helmet that his namesake had left with the tribe. Impressed, Choloh offered peace in exchange for Vykron becoming one of his gladiators. Seeing that even he could not fight Choloh's whole army, Vykron agreed. He left the sword with his tribe but otherwise took his full armory with him to fight in Choloh's arenas. He was unbeaten for quite some time and finally had a chance to win his freedom back when he lost a fight for the first time and died at the hands of the gorilla beast man Gygor.

    Oo-Lar sought help from the gods when the Eagle Tribe was threatened by the Cult of Hordak during the time of Chief Ceril. Sorceress Tee-La appeared to him and explained that the Cult and its leader Damon were after the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings and that he had to pick it up and protect it as the new He-Man.
    Leaving his tribe to lure the Cult of Hordak away from his people and find a new place to hide the sword, Oo-lar was soon given a different mission, when Tee-La informed him the two demons who knew where the other half of the Sword of the Ancients was, had returned from the dead via magical masks.
    On his way to this place, none other than King Hiss' old seat of power, Snake Mountain, Oo-Lar met the warrior woman Teela who joined him in his quest.
    They arrived in Snake Mountain shortly after the demons who had already found the sword but couldn't remove it from the block of enchanted quartz it was thrust into.
    When attempting to fight the demons, Oo-Lar found his sword inexplicably missing. On Teela's suggestion, he instead took the sword from the quartz, which he managed effortlessly, and destroyed the magical masks, banishing the demons. When he wanted to thrust it back into the quartz, Teela took it from him, revealing that she had also taken the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings and only wanted needed Oo-Lar because only someone with a pure heart could have pulled out the other sword.
    With both halves of the Sword of the Ancients, Teela attempted to return to her master and creator Damon, who had cloned her from a skin sample of Sorceress Tee-La, but was intercepted by beast men following Gygor.
    Together, Oo-Lar and Teela stopped Gygor from assembling the Sword of the Ancients and escaped, Teela with the sword from Snake Mountain, Oo-Lar with the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings.
    Damon now had one of the swords and the Cult of Hordak hunted Oo-Lar to get the other.
    Oo-Lar had to fight off cultists, including Teela, and beast men. The latter threat finally ended when Tee-La managed to time-freeze Gygor.
    Damon attempted a new plan, trying to feed Teela to one of Shokoti's surviving soul eating monsters in the hope that Oo-Lar, against all reason, would come to her help. Which he, of course, did, but without the sword that he instead hid in a secret place before.
    He managed to free Teela, who, fed up with Damon's abuse, joined him for real. They met an eternian noble named Marzo who offered to take the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings far away to the Kingdom of Eternia. When he mentioned that Enternia contained the ruined Castle Grayskull, Oo-Lar agreed. In Eternia Oo-Lar immediately got in a fight with two nobles, Valtira and Tyrin, who were stealing life force from plants, leading to suffering for nature as well as the people. Additionally, Marzo turned out to work for the old sorcerer Nepthu, who wanted the sword for himself, Damon and the Cult of Hordak had followed Oo-Kar to Eternia and Oo-Lar and Teela got into completely unconnected fights with the Avionians, dragons and the crazy Geldor.
    Finally, Damon managed to get his hands on the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings and reassembled the Sword of the Ancients. With the whole sword, he created a gate to Despondos in the hope of freeing Hordak.
    Teela, tried to use the Spell of Separation on the Sword of the Ancients but Damon protected it with his magic. Since she already had the spell prepared, she used it on Damon himself, who was split into Demo-Man and an older, time-travelling Marzo. Oo-Lar managed to throw Demo-Man through the gate into Despondos, before Teela used the spell on the sword and thereby closed the gate.
    While the sword from snake mountain fell into a ravine, Oo-Lar regained the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings. He brought it back to the Eagle Tribe before he retired in the Eternian village Nowella together with Teela.

    While Oo-Lar was the last He-Man until now, thanks to Sharella, we know about future ones. One of them will be Wun-Dar, baker of the Eagle Tribe. At his time, the jungle has receded and the Eagle Tribe is living on dry and rocky terrain. Wun-Dar is chosen by Sorceress Kuduk Ungol to fight the warlord Skeletor who wants to assemble the Sword of the Ancients to free Hordak, just as Damon tried before. Skeletor, who already has the other half at that point, loses the first fight when Wun-Dar knocks him out with an old loaf of bread. In the second battle, that is joined by a third party, the spelean thief Batros, which results in Skeletor gaining the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings while Wun-Dar gets the other one, which in a later fight is eaten by one of Skeletor's henchmen. To stop that henchman who has gotten powerful and crazy by consuming the sword, Skeletor has to give the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings back to Wun-Dar.
    Since the Sword of the Ancients can not be assembled anymore, Wun-Dar now retires. Shortly after, he, Skeletor and the whole Dark Hemisphere are frozen in time by the new Sorceress of Grayskull, Teela Na, great-great-dranddaughter of Teela and Oo-Lar, by building on Hordak's enhanced Spell of Separation to enhance the spell that Tee-La used against Gygor. Shortly after the spell ends, over a decade later, Wun-Dar picks up the sword again to help a new He-Man fight Skeletor once more.
    Wun-Dar has a few more adventures before he retires on Eternia's twin planet Etheria, taking the sword with him.

    When the Sword of the Sorcerer kings is stolen from Etheria and combined with the recreated other half into the Sword of Ancients, Shokoti is set free. Sharella, also known as Star Child, and the second He-Ro as well as other Heroic Warriors of their time manage to get it back. When Sharella and the trollan Snoob try to reimprison Shokoti, they and the Sword of the Ancients are send back in time when Shokoti's spell reacts strangely with the Sands of Time. While Snoob carried the other half, Sharella kept and wielded the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings for centuries, fought Snake Men and the Great Black Wizard and his monsters, until she finally gave it to her son, D'Vann of the Skull Tribe.

    King Grayskull
    The last wielder of the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings, the last and first He-Man. D'Vann Grayskull got the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings from his mother, the Green Goddess, in front of his allies, as a sign that he was meant to lead the Free People of Eternia. And that he did. Even thoigh the sword broke, he reforged it into the Sword of Power and won two wars against the Snake Men and one against the dragons. And while he died in the battle against the Evil Horde, the Sword of Power reflected the horde sorcerers' Spell of Banishment and send Hordak and many of his warriors to Despondos.

    The one prophesied by the Green Goddess, the one who actually carries the Sword of Power and summons the Power of Grayskull. Sharella was vague about him, not even revealing his real name, if she knew it. What we know is that he will fight Skeletor, Hordak, Hiss and even Shokoti when they return, as well as other dangers that we know nothing about. He will travel through time, space and alternate dimensions and save Eternia and other planets again and again.

    The second He-Ro will be the third to wield the Sword of Power. Sharella mentions the Sorceress Evil-Lyn, King Hiss' daughter Lady Slither, the Ancient Bakkull and Shokoti among his enemies. He is also possibly the mysterious He-Ro that the first He-Ro met when traveling through the Sands of Time. We don't know how his story ends and who will wield the Sword of Power after him. But since it is during his time that the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings is send to the past, there are no more guardians needed and the next heroes will probably be something else entirely.
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    He-Ra? Sounds more like She-Ra's name but without the S.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neophron View Post
    He-Ra? Sounds more like She-Ra's name but without the S.
    True. But that's her official name. I decided to have her wield both swords at different times, because it fits.
    I think about making a list of wielders of the other half of the sword (and later the Sword of Protection), too, but I'm not quite sure what to call them. Also, Grayskull's daughter needs a name for that. I could make one up, but I would prefer an official one.

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    Reflecting the fact that there are now two Vykrons in Classics, I added some details to Vykron's entry.

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    Wait, when were there 2 Vykrons?

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    It is mentioned in one of the new bios. All three roles of Vykron, the gladiator, are now based on separate characters with the barbarian also being named Vykron. Since my gladiator Vykron is already a He-Man I didn't need another one, so I added the new Vykron as a morainian prince who was not a He-Man.

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